install an air conditioner in the kitchen

Is it possible to install an air conditioner in the kitchen?

After the purchase, the owners of air conditioners are trying to understand where it is better to install the device. You probably wondered whether they put an air conditioner in the kitchen, what advantages and disadvantages such a solution has, whether it is worth installing an air conditioner in the kitchen.

In this article, we will analyze all the pros and cons of installing an air conditioner in the kitchen, tell you why many people prefer to install the device in another room and what nuances should be taken into account if you still decide to buy an air conditioner for use in the kitchen.

Air conditioning in the kitchen

air conditioning in the kitchen

Is it possible to install an air conditioner in the kitchen? Of course! But is it worth it? How effective will it be to install an air conditioner over your head in such a hot room as a kitchen? Let’s figure it out.


  • Optimal temperature

During cooking, the air temperature in the kitchen is significantly higher than in other rooms. Many people lack an open window to cool down. Air conditioning will help solve this problem. And if you set the automatic operation mode, the device will independently adjust the temperature depending on the indicators in the room;

  • Elimination of odors

Split systems with built-in air ventilation will save the kitchen from odors that inevitably appear during cooking. But keep in mind that the exchange of air will not be enough to eliminate odors by 100%. For these purposes, it is still better to use a kitchen hood;

  • Humidity adjustment

Usually in the kitchen, not only the temperature is increased, but also the humidity of the air. With the help of an air conditioner, you can adjust this indicator so that your stay in the room is comfortable.


  • Fragility

As we said above, the humidity level in the kitchen is increased. But high humidity affects not only the person, but also the air conditioning system;

  • Fast contamination

The air in the kitchen contains a certain amount of fat, so the air conditioner will be polluted faster. And its cleaning will take more time, since the removal of fat deposits is not the easiest task;

  • Improper operation

While cooking, you may want to open the window. At this time, you will have to turn off the air conditioner. Otherwise, the device will not work properly, increasing your electricity bills. And the air conditioner can not be used instead of a hood. But we have already talked about this earlier.

And yet…

Most users prefer to install air conditioning in other rooms. This is due not only to the shortcomings that we discussed above. A split system in a living room or in the hallway is a more optimal solution. We don’t stay in the kitchen for more than one or two hours a day. Most of the time, the device just hangs idle, no one uses it.

But if you still firmly decided to put a split system in this room, choose the right air conditioner for the kitchen. Below we talk about the types of air conditioners and the nuances that you need to pay attention to when choosing a device.

Types of air conditioners for kitchens

It is better to start choosing the device by getting acquainted with the varieties of air conditioners. We will list the most suitable for the kitchen.

Split system

air conditioner blows weakly

The most common type of air conditioner. It is used not only in the kitchen, but also in other residential areas.

The split system consists of two blocks (external and internal). They are connected to each other using copper tubes. But it circulates freon. You have probably seen the outdoor unit of the split system many times when you passed by residential buildings.

The indoor unit is installed on the wall and takes up a little space. But in a small kitchen (up to 10 m2), even this size can be uncomfortable, literally pressing on the head. In addition, the split system has a clearly directed air stream. You can adjust its trajectory, but in a small kitchen, the air flow may be too intense.

Cassette air conditioner

channel air conditioner

It is mounted directly into the ceiling. A great option for a small kitchen. But it is necessary to organize a suspended ceiling, which will require additional costs from you. All communications are located between the rough and finished ceiling, so the user sees only the decorative part of the air conditioner.

In general, this is an excellent choice for those who are willing to invest extra money to hide the air conditioning system in the ceiling.

Channel air conditioner

channel air conditioner

It consists of many channels that can be divorced not only to the kitchen, but also to other rooms. A very practical, but expensive solution. It is rarely used in apartments due to the complexity of installation and high cost. But in a private house or a large apartment, this option may be quite acceptable.

Please note

When choosing an air conditioner for the kitchen, it is important to pay attention not only to the type of device, but also to its technical characteristics. Before buying, make sure that the air conditioner meets your wishes.

Noise level

air conditioning noise level

Imagine: you bought an expensive air conditioner, finished installing it in the kitchen, turned it on for joy and after a few hours felt that you were really tired or suddenly had a headache. But why? And what does the air conditioner have to do with it?

Unfortunately, split systems are not silent. Any air conditioner during operation makes a noise similar to a monotonous hum. In a few hours, this sound can tire even a person with a strong psyche. To avoid this, choose a device with a reduced noise level.

Operating modes

how much electricity does it consume кондиционер

If you live in a region with a cold climate, it is better to buy an air conditioner not only with a cooling function, but also with an air heating mode. So you can use the device in the off-season, when the heating has not yet been turned on, but you already want heat.

Also pay attention to devices with a humidification function. During the heating season, the air in the apartments is too dry. If there is a humidification function, you do not have to buy a separate humidification device.

If, on the contrary, you live in a humid, hot climate, we recommend choosing split systems with a dehumidification function.


The device should not only be bought, but also correctly placed in the room. Standard kitchens in apartments can not boast of a large amount of free space. Therefore, we recommend buying compact models that will not take up much space above your head.


The selection of power is one more important issue that is worth paying attention to. The power is selected based on the area of the room. An experienced consultant in the store should make a calculation and offer a model of suitable capacity. There is a simple rule here-the larger the kitchen, the more powerful the air conditioner should be. At the rate of 1 kW = 10 sq. m.


fan mode in the air conditioner

Air conditioners installed in the kitchen should not only be compact and functional, but also safe. It just so happened that the most budget devices are rarely of high quality. They are assembled at factories with cheap labor, so often such air conditioners are available for sale with defects. It is difficult to call the assembly high-quality, and the overall impression of the use may not be the most pleasant.

Therefore, we recommend paying attention to devices from the medium and high price categories from world-famous manufacturers. They value their reputation, have a developed network of service centers and a free hotline.


If you are not confused by the air conditioner above your head in a small kitchen, you can try to buy the device and put it on. In the end, many people buy an air conditioner for the kitchen and are satisfied! But you should weigh the pros and cons before you decide to install an air conditioner in the kitchen.

Have you decided to install an air conditioner in the kitchen? Share your experience. Tell us what difficulties you have encountered during installation or operation. Your experience will be useful for many readers. We wish you good luck!

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