How much freon is in a household air conditioner

Is it possible to independently replace freon in the air conditioner?

By default, manufacturers do not equip their products with valves for refueling air conditioners with freon. However, in some air-conditioning systems, the refrigerant must be replaced after the time has elapsed. And this procedure is quite possible to carry out, using some of the secrets of professional masters.

In this article, we will tell you how to change the freon in the air conditioning system and what nuances need to be taken into account.

Please note! We do not recommend replacing the freon yourself if you do not have the necessary skills and sufficient experience. However, you can check the work of the master, who will carry out the replacement of the refrigerant. This article is written for this purpose.

General information

As we said above, air conditioners are not equipped with a simple and convenient way to refuel the refrigerant in the device. At the factory, the air conditioning system is filled with freon and the circuit is completely sealed. So refueling is possible only in the case of forced depressurization of the device.

Why do you need refueling or complete replacement of the refrigerating agent? This procedure should be carried out only in one case — a significant part of the freon has evaporated from the system due to improper installation, poor-quality assembly at the factory or natural wear of the air conditioner.

How to understand that it is time to fill the air conditioner with freon? Pay attention to the speed of the system, the presence of extraneous noise and other indirect signs. If the device is slow and inefficient, then it’s time to call the master for refueling.

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Stages of freon replacement in the air conditioner:

  1. The nuts on the copper tubes are unscrewed to drain the remaining refrigerant. Then you need to tighten the nuts;

  2. The left hose from the pressure gauge must be connected to the connection of the outdoor unit, and the middle hose — to the vacuum pump;

  3. Use the hex key to open the two taps on the outdoor unit. This is necessary for pumping out the air;

  4. Next, the pump starts and the left tap opens on the pressure gauge;

  5. Wait for the air to be pumped out. This usually takes about 10 minutes for low-power air conditioners;

  6. After pumping out the air, the left valve of the pressure gauge must be closed, and the pump must also be turned off;

  7. Next, the middle hose of the pressure gauge is disconnected from the pump and connected to the freon cylinder for the air conditioner;

  8. A tap is opened on the cylinder, after which the cylinder itself is turned over;

  9. At the same time, open the right tap of the pressure gauge for a couple of seconds;

  10. Slowly open the left tap of the pressure gauge, so that the freon enters the system. As soon as the required amount of refrigerant is filled, the left tap must be closed. The valve on the cylinder is also closed;

  11. Open the right tap of the pressure gauge to drain the remaining refrigerant;

  12. The left pressure gauge hose is disconnected from the fitting. The work is done quickly and with gloves to avoid burns.These are the main stages. Professional craftsmen can make their own adjustments and perform the work differently, but all actions will be similar to those described above.

Please note

Improper replacement or refueling of the refrigerant can lead to malfunction of the entire air conditioning system. Remember that refueling is performed forcibly, which means that during the work, the device is depressurized. It is important to properly seal it after refueling, so that the freon does not evaporate during operation.

And this level of work can only be performed by a professional with experience. Do not save money, use the paid help of a specialist and be calm for the performance of the air conditioner.


The air conditioning system may naturally need to be refueled. We do not recommend that you do this yourself, because you need experience, skills, and equipment to properly replace the refrigerant. It is better to call the master and check his work. Good luck!

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