heating with air conditioning

Is it possible to heat the house with air conditioning?

Modern home air conditioners can be used to cool, ionize, and heating the air. We used to think that air conditioning is necessary only on hot summer days, when each of us so needs saving coolness. But after all, climate technology has long stepped forward and is capable of more!

In particular, it is suitable for heating your home. With the right usage scenario the air conditioner is quite capable of replacing other heating devices. So, you can buy a device with a heating function and forget about radiators, pipes, boiler room? Are inverter split systems really capable of fully replacing the usual heating systems? Let’s figure it out.

General information

To begin with, let’s see if air conditioners can function in winter conditions. This information can be found in the technical specifications of the device you selected. Most air conditioners are able to operate at a temperature of no more than -5 degrees outside the window, but there are models designed for use in -15 degrees. Of course, this is not enough for the harsh winter, but it is more than enough for the middle zone of US and Europe.

In this article, we will compare air conditioners with electric convectors and wood-burning heating.

types of air conditioners for apartments

Heating on a stove can be effective, but for many it is nothing more than entertainment. People prefer comfort, perceiving stove heating as something outdated.

As for electric convectors, their main drawback is high energy consumption. When heating 30 square meters with convectors alone, you can spend a lot of money per month, which is quite a lot for such a modest area.

Only the air conditioner remains. Modern inverter air conditioners save electricity, while operating efficiently even with continuous use. We are convinced that heating with air conditioners can be effective if you do not have other alternatives.

However, we recommend combining stove heating and heating with air conditioning. This system is actively used in Finland, where energy resources are expensive.

Please note

Traditional split systems are unprofitable to use in houses with an area of more than 100-120 square meters. Just accept this fact and look for another way of heating or think about multi-split systems. They are very expensive, but they do the job. For heating large two-story houses, you can also use powerful channel air conditioners of a semi-industrial type.

system отопления
Complex heating system

In addition to heating with air conditioning, it is worth considering the option of underfloor heating. They do a good job of heating large areas. Combined with air conditioning, underfloor heating can be an excellent replacement for other heating systems.

We still recommend installing a fireplace or stove at home to use it for heating sometimes. It’s a great alternative source of heating in case of an emergency power outage. Of course, you can install a generator, but if you turn off the electricity for a week, then no generator will save you.

The split system heating alone is great for small homes and cottages. But for year -round living, it is better to consider a bunch of air conditioning + another heating system.

Switching the air conditioner to heating mode

All air conditioners for heating are similar in nature, but each of them can have its own special the button for turning on this very heating mode. Unfortunately, there is no single regulation among manufacturers on what this button should be called, so each brand comes up with its own solution to this problem.

turning on the air conditioner for heating

So, to turn on the split system heating mode, use the remote control that comes with the air conditioner. Find the «HEAT» or «MODE» button and press it. Sometimes, instead of the label on the button, the icon of the sun is shown. After 5-15 minutes, you will feel warm air entering the room through the indoor unit of the air conditioner. If the heat has not appeared, use the instructions.

Features of operation and maintenance

In winter, air conditioners with a heating function can be covered with ice. If the device is constantly running at sub-zero temperatures, its radiator may freeze. The whole system will stop working as efficiently as before.

How to deal with this problem? The easiest thing you can do is to monitor periodically monitor the amount of ice on the outdoor unit of the air conditioner. If you see that the outdoor unit is frozen, remove the ice manually. Someone installs additional heating elements that prevent the outdoor unit from freezing.

Expensive models of air conditioners are able to cope with this problem independently. We recommend that you purchase such a device. About once an hour, it will start the thawing process. Special sensors will monitor the degree of icing and automatically select the optimal thawing mode.

air conditioner maintenance

As for the regular maintenance of inverter air conditioners operating in the winter season, there are no special features. It needs to be serviced in the same way as a regular «summer» air conditioner.

Clean the filters twice a month to avoid the appearance of mold. Twice a year, perform a complete disassembly of the machine, followed by cleaning and checking all components. Hire specialists who will check the operation of the entire system and, if necessary, replace the refrigerating agent.

How to turn an air conditioner into an effective home heating system? Take care of the thermal quality of the home. If you have built a country house and plan to heat it with an air conditioner, do not skimp on insulation. The better and thicker the insulation, the better! Think about why in Europe they build frame houses with a thickness of insulation of 400 or more millimeters?


In our opinion, air conditioning heating is possible, but only if a number of requirements are met. If you correctly design an air conditioning system, you can not make an additional heating system for a house or apartment. It is enough to pay attention to air conditioners with a heating function. But, again, taking into account all the nuances.

And what do you think about heating houses with air conditioners? Share your experiences and observations in the comments below. Good luck!

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