How to connect and configure remote control of the air conditioner

Instructions from the remote control to the Kraft air conditioner

Air conditioners Kraft can be an excellent replacement for devices from more famous manufacturers, because they have all the necessary functionality. If for some reason you couldn’t find the instructions for your air conditioner, don’t worry. Read our article. Here we talk about what all these buttons on the remote control mean.

About buttons and air conditioner settings

air conditioner diagram


Press the button once to turn on the air conditioner. Tap again to turn it off.


Pressing this button sequentially selects one of the available modes: automatic (AUTO), cooling (COOL), dehumidification (DRY), heating (HEAT) and ventilation (FAN). The name of the selected mode is displayed on the remote control display.


Adjusting the air venting speed, works on the same principle as the «MODE» button. Click on «FAN SPEED» sequentially, selecting the optimal mode: AUTO, LOW, MED, HIGH. The speed names are displayed on the remote control display.

▲ and ▼

Increase/decrease various parameters, such as temperature or timer time.


The button responsible for adjusting the position of the blinds (the guides located in the air conditioner body regulate the air flow, move up and down). When pressed once, the blinds begin to move, and when pressed again, they are fixed in the specified position.



Enabling night mode, in which the room temperature drops by a few degrees and the air conditioner starts to work quieter. When pressed again, the function is turned off.


The button for turning on/off the backlight on the air conditioner unit. A very useful feature if the device is installed in the bedroom or nursery, and the backlight interferes with sleep.


Responsible for setting the timer for turning on the air conditioner. With a single tap, you can edit the clock using the up and down buttons. When you click again, the minutes are edited. After setting up, click «OK».


Blocks all buttons from being accidentally pressed. A very useful feature if you have small children.


Press this button once if you want to cool or heat the room in accelerated mode. If you press it again, the function will turn off.

Now you know what the buttons on the remote control means, and you can easily set up the air conditioner. Share your experience setting up a split system in the comments below. Good luck!

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