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Instructions for the Zerten air conditioner remote control

The Zerten air conditioners are supplied with a remote control and detailed instructions in Russian. But often users do not pay attention to the documentation, throwing it away, and thinking that they will cope with the setup of the split system themselves.

This is a big misconception. After all, a scattering of buttons on the remote control can stump even a technically savvy buyer. If you suddenly do not have the instructions for your air conditioner at hand, read this article. Here we talk about what this or that button means, and what nuances need to be taken into account when setting up the device.



If you press this button once, the air conditioner will turn on, and if you press it again, it will turn off.


Button for switching different operating modes: AUTO (automatic), COOL (cooling), DRY (dehumidification), HEAT (heating), FAN (ventilation). The selected mode is shown on the remote control display.


Button that controls the ventilation speed. It works by analogy with the «MODE» button, but instead of the modes, the speeds are switched: automatic, low, medium, high.


It is responsible for adjusting the position of the guides (blinds) located in the air conditioner housing. When pressed once, the blinds begin to move, and when pressed again, they are fixed in the specified position.

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When you press this button, the vertical and horizontal blinds will move together.


Responsible for enabling night mode, which reduces the noise level of the air conditioner and reduces the temperature in the room by several degrees. If you press it once, the function will turn on, and if you press it again, it will turn off.


When you press this button once, the air conditioner will start working in intensive mode, cooling or heating the room faster than with normal settings.


Increase/decrease the temperature.


Resets all previously set settings.


This button is responsible for the function of antisepting the interior of the air conditioner. With a single tap, the function will turn on and start cleaning the air conditioner from germs. If you press it again, the mode will turn off.

Please note! The «ANTI-MILDEW» function is not able to replace the full disinfection and cleaning of the air conditioner.


Press this button to set the time on the remote control display. After pressing, you can adjust the clock using the up and down buttons. When you press the «CLOCK» button again, you will be able to set the minutes by analogy with the clock.


The button that is responsible for setting the timer for turning on the air conditioner. It is configured according to the same principle as in «CLOCK» (see above).


Press this button once to turn off the light on the air conditioner unit, and a second time to turn it on.


The button for switching on the economy mode, which consumes less electricity than in the normal mode.

Please note

Installing batteries will require additional knowledge from you, because in the case of the remote control from the air conditioner, it is not complete with a banal replacement of batteries. You will probably figure out how to remove the cover, remove the old batteries and insert new ones. But there are other nuances that you don’t know about.

After installing new batteries, the old batteries must be disposed of. Many cities have special containers for batteries, they are installed in shopping centers, shops, clinics and other busy places.

Also, after changing the batteries, the remote control must be programmed. As soon as you insert the new batteries, the display will flash «COOL» (cooling) and/or «HEAT» (heating). When you press any button, the mode whose name was flashing on the screen at the time of pressing will turn on.

Wait 10-15 minutes for the air conditioner to start working at full capacity. After that, you can turn it off and turn it on again, setting it up in the usual way, which we talked about at the beginning of the article, when we talked about the various buttons.

Recommendations for using the remote control

air conditioner diagram

We have compiled some useful tips for you to take into account when you use the remote control:

  • Point the remote control directly at the air conditioner unit, at a distance of no more than three meters;

  • Keep the remote control clean, as dirt on the receiver may prevent it from connecting to the machine.;

  • Keep the remote in the shade, do not leave it in direct sunlight for a long time;

  • Purchase additional accessories (case, wall mount, etc.) to increase the comfort of using the remote control;

  • Do not use batteries from unknown manufacturers;

  • Protect the remote control from falls and other mechanical damage.

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