Roda air conditioner control panel

Instructions for the Roda air conditioner control panel

Air conditioners from the company Roda are not so widely known, however, and this manufacturer has its own grateful customers. Split systems from the Roda brand are beautiful and functional. It is not surprising that they are chosen by thousands of users around the world.

The control panel and operating instructions are included with the device. After all, without experience and knowledge of English, it is not easy to even turn on the air conditioner, let alone fully configure the device.

Today we will prove that controlling the air conditioner is not difficult! The article provides simple and clear instructions for using the remote control.

General recommendations

The remote control is powered by two AAA batteries. They need to be replaced once a year. If you do not use the remote control for a long time (for example, if you are going on vacation), remove them from the case.

Dispose of old batteries in special containers designed for such waste. They are available in many shopping centers. Never dispose of used batteries in a container with general garbage!

Protect the remote control from mechanical damage, excessive humidity, radiators, open flames, small children and pets. Follow the operating instructions to maintain the long service life of the remote control and the air conditioner.

By the way! The air conditioner can be set up not only from the remote control, but also using the emergency button on the body of the device.

Remote control instructions: buttons and operating modes

i feel button in the air conditioner

Configure the basic settings

  • Plug the air conditioner into an outlet and insert new batteries into the remote control by removing the cover on the back of the case. After installing the batteries, close the cover tightly;

  • Click on the «ON/OFF» button. The air conditioner is ready to be set up if the green LED on its body is lit and the device beeps when it is turned on;

  • Press the «MODE» button sequentially to turn on one of the preset modes: automatic mode (AUTO) → cooling (COOL or snowflake icon) → dehumidification (DRY) → ventilation (FAN or fan icon) → heating (HEAT or sun icon). Information about the selected mode will be displayed on the remote control display;

  • Increase or decrease the temperature using the up and down buttons to decrease or increase the temperature;

  • Adjust the air flow direction. To do this, click on the «SWING» button 1 time and wait. The guides in the air conditioner housing will start moving, changing the flow. As soon as it becomes comfortable for you, press the «SWING» button again so that the guides lock in their position.

Configure additional settings

  • Turn on night mode (SLEEP button), so that the temperature drops by a few degrees and the noise level from the wall unit decreases;

  • Turn on the intensive mode (STRONG button) so that the air cools or heats up faster than in normal mode;

  • Trust the air conditioner with intelligent temperature setting (I FEEL button), if you do not want to adjust this parameter manually;

  • Turn off the light on the wall unit if it prevents you from falling asleep (Light button);

  • Clean the indoor air to get rid of germs and allergens (Health button);

  • Turn on the low power function if you are worried about utility bills (ECO button).);

  • Set up the timer (TIMER button).


Our article is a kind of instruction manual that will be needed for many users. Setting up the air conditioner takes a few minutes, even a child can handle it! If you still have questions, feel free to ask them in the comments below. Good luck!

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