Neoclima NS/NU-HAX18R

Instructions for the remote control of the air conditioner Neoclima NS/NU-HAX18R

Neoclima NS / NU HAX18R is a popular household air conditioner that can be found in many apartments and offices. It is stylish, functional and perfectly copes with its task.

But in order for all its advantages to be fully revealed, the device must be properly configured. This can be done using the remote control that comes with the split system.

If the paper instructions for the air conditioner control panel for use have disappeared without a trace, read this article. Here we tell you how to use the remote control and what you should pay attention to.

General information

As we mentioned above, to fully configure the air conditioner, you will need a remote control. Of course, the device can be turned on without it, but in this case, detailed settings of the parameters are simply impossible.

To make the remote control last you for many years without an unexpected replacement, follow these simple rules:

  • Do not drop the remote control, protect it from mechanical influences;

  • Keep the remote in a secluded place so that small children and active pets can’t find it;

  • Clean the remote control, and especially the infrared port, from dirt;

  • Keep the remote control in a special stand or case, away from direct sunlight, radiators and open flames;

  • Do not use the remote control as a toy for a child.

By the way! If the remote control is out of order or lost, you can purchase its universal counterpart. Universal remote controls are sold in all hardware stores and are inexpensive.

Before you start setting up the air conditioner

The remote control is powered by AAA batteries. You will need two batteries. To install them, remove the cover on the back of the remote control and, after checking the polarities, insert the batteries into the compartment, then close the cover tightly.

neoclima remote control

The batteries must be changed every six months or a year. If you are going on vacation and will not use the remote control for a long time, remove the batteries.

By the way! Used batteries should not be disposed of in a container with general garbage. Once in the landfill, they have a negative impact on the environment. Many shopping centers have special containers for batteries, throw them there. It’s not difficult at all!

About the buttons and setting up the air conditioner

On the remote control, you can see a scattering of different buttons, which are not easy to understand at first glance. Especially if you don’t speak English.

In order not to get confused by the variety of buttons, read our basic setup instructions below. It is suitable for most users, and the process of adjusting the parameters will take a few minutes. Also explore the additional features if you want to use the air conditioner to the maximum.

Basic setup instructions

how to configure кондиционер

If the air conditioner is connected to the mains, and new batteries are installed in the remote control, then you can start setting up. Point the remote control at the wall unit from a distance of no more than 8 meters and press the «ON/OFF» button. The green LED on the wall unit should light up.

After switching on, the temperature is automatically set to +25 degrees and the cooling mode is set. If that’s enough for you, set the remote aside. no further configuration is required.

For more detailed adjustment, use the up and down buttons to decrease or increase the temperature. If you want to switch on a different operating mode instead of cooling, use the «MODE» button.

Each time you press the «MODE» button, one of the following modes is activated: automatic mode (AUTO) → cooling (COOL or snowflake icon) → dehumidification (DRY) → heating (HEAT or sun icon) → ventilation (FAN or fan icon). Information about the selected mode is displayed on the remote control display.

If you don’t like the direction of the air flow, you can adjust it using the «SWING» function. Find the button of the same name on the remote control and press it 1 time. The guides on the wall unit will start moving, and you will feel the direction of the air change. After pressing again, they will lock in their position.

Try more features

air conditioner diagram

Additional functionality in air conditioners makes our life more comfortable and safer. Therefore, we strongly recommend that you try them out in practice by pressing the appropriate button on the remote control:

  • SLEEP— one of the most interesting features. This is the so-called «night mode», which should be turned on at night, when you are sleeping. The temperature will automatically decrease by a few degrees, and the noise level from the wall unit will also significantly decrease.

  • TURBO — a feature for those who are always in a hurry and do not like to wait long. By pressing this button, you will switch the air conditioner to intensive operation, which means that the cooling or heating of the air will be carried out faster.

  • I FEEL — intelligent temperature selection. Marketers claim that in the «I FEEL» mode, the temperature is adjusted more precisely, but we are convinced that only the manual mode will allow you to adjust this parameter most accurately.

  • X FAN — self-cleaning function of the air conditioner from excess moisture.

  • LIGHT — turns off the light on the wall unit. By default, the light is always on, which can cause inconvenience in the bedroom. Press the button to turn off the backlight.

  • FAN — adjust the ventilation speed. Each time you press it, the speed will increase (low → medium → high → automatic). It only works in «FAN» mode if you have previously enabled it using the «MODE» button.


Now you know how to use the remote control from the Neoclima split system. Our article is just a brief guide to the operation of the remote control. We told you about the most important things that can be useful to you during operation. The basic configuration will meet the needs of most users, but we still recommend that you familiarize yourself with additional functionality.

Monitor the status of the remote control in the same way as you monitor the air conditioner. Then it will serve you for many years. Do not expose it to outside influences, keep it away from small children and animals. If you still have any questions, leave them in the comments below. Good luck!

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