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Instructions for the remote control from the Tosot air conditioner

If the instructions for the air conditioner from TOSOT are irretrievably lost, but you need to turn on and configure the device, read this article. Here we briefly and easily tell you about the basic and additional settings of the air conditioner.

Basic setup

instructions for the air conditioner

  • Make sure that the air conditioner is connected to the mains. Point the remote control at the wall unit and press the «ON/OFF» button. If you see a green LED on the body of the device, and also hear a characteristic beep, it means that the air conditioner is turned on and ready to work;

  • After switching on, the split system automatically sets the cooling and temperature to +25 degrees Celsius. If you are satisfied with this, you can put the remote control aside. You won’t need to configure it;

  • If you want to perform a detailed configuration, take the remote control and press the «MODE» button sequentially. Each time you press it, one of the operating modes will be set: AUTO, COOL, DRY, HEAT, FAN. On the display of the remote control, you can see which mode is currently set;

  • Use the «┿» and » — » buttons to adjust the air temperature after selecting the operating mode;

  • Press the «SWING» button to adjust the air flow direction. After pressing the button, special horizontal guides will start moving inside the wall unit, with the help of which the air flow direction is adjusted. After pressing again, the guides will lock in their position.

The basic setup is suitable for most users. But if you still want to understand the additional functionality of your split system, read the article to the end.

Advanced settings


The button responsible for automatic intelligent selection of the operating mode.


The button responsible for enabling the so-called night mode, in which the air temperature decreases by 2-3 degrees, and the noise level is significantly reduced. You will appreciate this feature if the air conditioner is installed in the bedroom or children’s room. By morning, the night mode is automatically turned off, returning to the original settings.


Indoor air can be cooled or heated faster than you think! Press the «TURBO» button to turn on the intensive mode. In this mode, the «COOL» and «HEAT» functions will work faster.


If you are disturbed by the lighting on the wall unit of the air conditioner, you can turn it off by pressing the «LIGHT» button.

Combination of «┿» and «» buttons

Do you have small children or active pets in your home? Simultaneously hold down the «┿» and » — » buttons to lock the remote control, thereby eliminating accidental clicks. To remove the lock, press the «┿» and » — » buttons again.

Combination of the «MODE» and «—»

If you are used to measuring the temperature in Fahrenheit, hold down the «MODE» and » — » buttons at the same time to remove the display in Celsius.

Combination of «TEMP» and «CLOCK» buttons in «COOL» mode»

If you press the «TEMP» and «CLOCK» buttons at the same time in the cooling mode, then turn on the power saving mode. At the same time, you will see «SE»on the display of the remote control. To turn off the power saving mode, press the buttons again.

Now you know how to set up your split system quickly and easily. In the comments below, you can share your experience of operating air conditioners from the company Tosot. Good luck!

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