ROVEX air conditioner

Instructions for the remote control from the ROVEX air conditioner

Rovex air conditioners are good budget devices. They are affordable for most buyers, which is good news. But to discover all the advantages of a split system, you need to set it up correctly. In this article, we will give a simple and clear instruction to the remote control, with which you can easily and quickly set up your air conditioner.

Button designations

ON/OFF. The most important button. Tap it once to turn on the air conditioner, or twice to turn it off.

MODE. Use this button to switch the operating modes of the air conditioner. Each time you press it, the different modes are switched in turn. There are several modes in total: automatic (AUTO), cooling (COOL), dehumidification( DRY), heating (HEAT). Press the button until you find the desired mode.

 and . Buttons for adjusting various parameters, namely increasing / decreasing the temperature, setting the time and setting the timer.

i feel button in the air conditioner

SWING. With this button, it is fashionable to adjust the direction of the air flow. The wall unit of the air conditioner is equipped with special guides, which are often called simply «blinds». After pressing the button, the blinds begin to move up and down, and when pressed again, they are fixed in the position in which they were at the time of pressing the button.

TIMER ON/TIMER OFF. Is responsible for setting the time when the air conditioner is turned on or off. Press the button once and set the time using the «+» and «- » buttons. When you press the «TIMER» button again, the set settings will be saved.

FAN. Switch on ventilation mode. Not to be confused with ventilation! The ventilation mode is similar in principle to a conventional fan, which you probably used before. Pressing the button once turns the mode on, and pressing it twice turns it off.

CLOCK. Click on this button to enable the time setting, as on your usual clock. The adjustment is made using the «+» and «-»buttons. Once the time is set, click on «CLOCK» again to save the settings.

LIGHT.  Is responsible for turning on/off the lighting on the wall unit of the air conditioner.

SLEEP. This button is responsible for enabling the so-called night mode. In night mode, the air conditioner makes less noise, and also lowers the temperature by several degrees. Sleeping at a slightly lower temperature has a positive effect on your health, improving the quality of your sleep.

TEMP. Press this button to find out the current temperature set by the remote control. By default, the display shows the room temperature.

TURBO. Is responsible for enabling the accelerated operation mode. If you want to quickly cool or heat the room, use this mode. When you press it once, the mode turns on, and when you press it again, it turns off.

I FEEL.  Is responsible for automatic intelligent mode selection. After pressing this button, the air conditioner reads the indicators in the room and turns on the optimal mode in its opinion.

Quick setup

fan mode in the air conditioner

Follow the simple instructions for basic air conditioning setup:

  1. Plug the conditioner into an outlet and take the remote control. Press the «ON/OFF» button to turn on the air conditioner. After pressing the button, you will hear a characteristic beep and see the LED on the wall unit of the air conditioner;

  2. Press the «MODE» button to select the operating mode. Each time you click the button, the operating mode will be changed in turn. First, the automatic mode will turn on, then cooling, then dehumidification, then heating. Switch modes until you find the optimal one;

  3. Adjust the temperature using the «+» and » + » buttons. «-»;

  4. Adjust the air flow direction by pressing the «SWING» button. With a single push, the blinds located in the wall unit of the air conditioner will begin to move. When pressed again, the blinds will lock in the position in which they were at the time of pressing;

  5. Configure additional functions, if necessary. Turn on the ventilation by pressing the » FAN » button, night mode («SLEEP» button), acceleration mode («TURBO» button), turn on/off the backlight («LIGHT» button), set the timer with the «TIMER ON»button.

This is enough for most users. If you want to adjust the device more subtly, use the instructions that came with the device. You can also find the instructions on the Internet.


Now you know how to turn on the air conditioner and how to adjust it. Of course, you can configure a more subtle mode of operation, but we talked about the basic functions that every consumer will need. Good luck!

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