Turn on the Dantex air conditioner for heating

Instructions for the remote control from the Daihatsu air conditioner

In this article, you will find a short guide that will help you easily and quickly set up your Dahatsu air conditioner. We will tell you about the main buttons, their purpose, and also share the secrets of the basic configuration of the air conditioner. This article will be useful for users of devices from other brands, since the algorithm is approximately the same everywhere, with the exception of additional functions.

What do the buttons mean? In detail

ON/OFF. The button responsible for turning the air conditioner on and off. If you press it once, the device turns on, and if you press it again, it turns off.

MODE. This button is necessary to switch the different operating modes of the air conditioner. By pressing the button sequentially, you can see how the modes change on the remote control display. There are several modes in total: automatic (AUTO), cooling (COOL), dehumidification (DRY), heating (HEAT). In budget models of air conditioners, heating is often not provided.

«+» and «-». Buttons that are responsible for adjusting various parameters. In particular, for setting the temperature, time, and timer.

SWING. The button responsible for adjusting the direction of the air flow. Later in the article, we will tell you more about this setting, it can be useful for many.

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FAN. Switch on ventilation mode. In this mode, the air circulates around the room, eliminating stagnation and temperature changes in different parts of the room. Tap once to turn the mode on, and a second time to turn it off.

LIGHT. It is responsible for turning on/off the lighting on the indoor unit of the air conditioner. A useful function at night, if the light from the device prevents you from falling asleep.

SLEEP. In the «SLEEP» mode, the air conditioner works significantly quieter and lowers the temperature by several degrees, because in such a microclimate, the quality of sleep improves. This feature is especially useful in the bedroom, nursery or study;

CLOCK. Click on this button to start setting the time. On the display of the remote control or on the case of the air conditioner, the time can be displayed as on a regular electronic clock, which is very convenient.

I FEEL. Responsible for enabling automatic mode selection. At the same time, the selection is carried out in the so-called intelligent mode, taking into account the temperature and other indicators outside the window and in the room.

TIMER ON/TIMER OFF. The buttons required to set the timer for turning the air conditioner on or off. Later in the article, we will touch on this setting again.

TURBO. A button that cools or heats the air faster than in normal mode. The first time you press it, the function turns on, and when you press it again, it turns off.

Quickly turn on the air conditioner

how to use the air conditioner

  1. Press the «ON/OFF» button once. After pressing, you will hear a beep, and the LED on the air conditioner body will turn green. This means that the device is turned on and ready for setup; 2.To select the operating mode, press the «MODE»button one by one. Each time you press the button, the operating mode will change, you will see this information on the display of the remote control. First, the automatic mode will turn on, then cooling, then dehumidification, then heating. Switch modes until you find the best option, taking into account the weather conditions. You can also click on the «I FEEL» button if you do not want to understand more detailed settings;

  2. Adjust the temperature using the «+» and » + » buttons. «-»;

  3. Next, click on the «SWING» button. You can use it to adjust the direction of the air flow. The air conditioner unit has special blinds that change the flow direction. Press the button once to make the blinds move up and down. Press the button a second time to lock the blinds in the selected position;

  4. Configure additional functions if necessary. Turn on the ventilation by pressing the » FAN » button (not to be confused with ventilation! In the ventilation mode, the air simply circulates around the room, as if you turned on a regular fan), night mode (the «SLEEP» button), accelerated cooling/heating mode (the «TURBO» button), turn on/off the backlight (the «LIGHT»button).

  5. Use the air conditioner on/off timer if necessary. The «TIMER ON» button is responsible for the power-on timer. «TIMER OFF» is responsible for the device shutdown timer. If you press one of these buttons for a few seconds, you can adjust the time using the «+» and «- » buttons. When you click the button again, the settings will be saved.

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