centek remote control

Instructions for the remote control from the Centek air conditioner. Briefly

The instructions for the Centek air conditioner are supplied with the device, and it contains answers to all the most important questions: how to turn on the air conditioner, how to set it up and use it. But if the manual is not at hand, read this article.

Air conditioner functions and remote control

Split systems are equipped with a large number of functions that are not easy to understand if you are an inexperienced user. But it is enough to spend a few minutes studying the instructions to understand the essence of each function.

First of all, the air conditioner is configured using the remote control. It comes complete, powered by two batteries. Detailed instructions for the remote control and its main functions are provided below.

Please note

An air conditioner is a technically complex device that needs regular maintenance. Without maintenance, the device simply will not be able to perform its functions properly.

Before the start of the summer season, check for signs of corrosion or mold on the air conditioner. Clean the filters and the wall unit if necessary. Install new batteries in the control panel. Do not use old batteries together with new ones.

At the end of the season, disconnect the air conditioner from the mains, clean the filters and the wall unit. Remove the batteries from the remote control. Use the services of a specialist to carry out maintenance of the split system.


This article is a brief guide to using the remote control. We hope it was useful for you. Also pay attention to our recommendations for the maintenance of the split system. After all, it is important not only to properly adjust to the optimal mode, but also to take care of the technical condition of the device in time. Good luck!

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