How to connect and configure remote control of the air conditioner

Instructions for the remote control from the Beko air conditioner

Air conditioners Beko budget, but functional devices that are popular with many customers. Especially for those who buy a split system for the first time and are not sure that they will use it.

As you probably already know, the air conditioner is controlled by a remote control. In emergency situations, you can force the device to turn on without using the remote control, but this is the exception rather than the rule.

Unfortunately, the instructions for the remote control are often lost during delivery from the store or during the installation stage. And without the manual, it is not so easy to set up the air conditioner. In this article, we will tell you all the most important things that you should know for the correct operation of the remote control and air conditioning settings.

General information

Split systems

The remote control may seem like a simple and unpretentious device, but it is far from it. It needs the same careful operation as the air conditioner. We will share a few recommendations that you should consider.

First, replace the batteries every six months. If you are going on a long vacation, remove them from the remote control to prevent leakage. Dispose of batteries correctly: throw them in special containers, which are available in many shopping centers.

Secondly, do not give the remote control to children, keep it away from pets, liquids and direct sunlight. Avoid situations where the remote control may be damaged. Do not press the buttons with sharp objects.

Third, remove all items that make it difficult for the remote control to communicate with the air conditioner, including doors and curtains. This point is better to think about at the stage of installation of the split system. Point the remote control towards the machine at a distance of no more than 5-8 meters.

Learn more about buttons

To properly configure the air conditioner, you need to understand what the buttons on the remote control mean.


Everyone knows about this button. It is responsible for turning the device on and off. By pressing once, you turn on the machine. At the same time, you will hear a characteristic beep and see a green LED on the air conditioner body. After the second press, the device will turn off.


Universal button for selecting one of the preset modes: AUTO, COOL, DRY, HEAT and FAN. Each time you press one of the modes is selected, this information can be seen on the display of the remote control.


A separate button for setting the ventilation speed. It works on the same principle as the «MODE» button. Each time you press the FAN button, the ventilation speed increases: from automatic to low, medium, and high.

▲ and ▼

These buttons are responsible for adjusting the temperature (1 degree more or less each time you press), or for setting the timer time (see the TIMER ON/TIMER OFF buttons below).


Buttons that are responsible for setting the timer for turning the air conditioner on or off. You need to press the selected button once and use the up and down buttons to adjust the clock. Then do the same thing, but adjust the minutes. After setting the hours and minutes, click OK.


The confirmation button.


Adjust the air flow using the guides located in the air conditioner housing. The guides move up and down after you press the button. When pressed again, the guides will lock in their position.


Responsible for turning sleep mode on and off, in which the air temperature is reduced by 2-3 degrees and the noise level is reduced. Very useful if the device is installed in the bedroom or children’s room. Tap the button once to turn the function on, and tap again to turn it off.


Use this button to turn on or off the light on the air conditioner unit if it interferes with your rest. Tap the button once to turn the function on, and tap again to turn it off.


It is responsible for enabling the accelerated (intensive) mode of operation, in which the cooling/heating of the air is carried out significantly faster. Tap the button once to turn the function on, and tap again to turn it off.


This is a self-cleaning function of the internal wall unit of the air conditioner. Of course, it will not replace a full-fledged mechanical cleaning and disinfection, but it will be an excellent addition in the fight against excess moisture and pathogenic bacteria.


Even a child can control the Become air conditioners! The basic setup is simple and intuitive. And if you have any questions, you can ask them in the comments below. Also on the Internet, you can find and download the instructions for your air conditioner for free in PDF format, which opens easily on any smartphone or computer. Good luck!

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