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Instructions for the remote control from the air conditioner GREEN

AIR GREEN air conditioners are not familiar to the mass buyer, as it is not the most well-known brand on the market. But if you want to buy an inexpensive Chinese device, then the air conditioner GREEN should be considered for purchase.

To reveal the full functionality of the air conditioner, you need to set it up correctly, using the instructions and the control panel. And if the remote control is always in place, then the manual is often thrown out immediately after the installation of the air conditioning system. If you are in such a situation, read our article. Here we explain in detail what this or that button means, and a what nuances need to be taken into account when setting up the air conditioner.

Details about each button

air conditioner operating modes


Press the button once to turn the machine on, or press it again to turn it off.


It is responsible for the sequential selection of the operating mode. Each time you press the button, the following modes change: AUTO, COOL, DRY, HEAT, and FAN. On the display of the remote control, you can see the selected mode.


The button responsible for adjusting the ventilation speed. It works on the same principle as the «MODE» button, i.e. the setting changes every time you click it. In this case, the speed changes: automatic, low speed, medium speed, high speed.


It is responsible for setting the timer for turning on the air conditioner. Press the «TIMER» button once and use the up and down buttons to adjust the clock. Press «TIMER» again and use the same up and down buttons to set the minutes.

▲ and ▼

Buttons designed to increase and decrease various parameters, such as temperature or timer time.

fan mode in the air conditioner


Press the button once to turn on night mode. Night Mode is designed specifically to improve the quality of your sleep. When this function is enabled, the noise level of the air conditioner is reduced, and the temperature in the room is reduced by several degrees.


Use this button to adjust the position of the blinds located on the wall unit of the air conditioner. Blinds are necessary to change the direction of the air flow. When you press the button, the blinds start moving up and down. When pressed again, they are fixed in the specified position.


It is responsible for enabling accelerated cooling/heating of the room, depending on the previously selected operating mode.


Resets the last preset setting.


The button responsible for turning on/off the backlight. It is very convenient if the device is installed in the bedroom, and the backlight interferes with sleep.

Quick setup of the basic operating mode

air conditioning humidifying air

If you do not want to understand what each of the buttons means, use our simple instructions for basic configuration of the air conditioner. It is suitable for most users:

  • Check whether the air conditioner is connected to the mains and press the «ON/OFF» button on the remote control;

  • Press the «OPERATION MODE» button sequentially until you select the optimal operating mode. On the display of the remote control, you will see the name of the selected mode: automatic (AUTO), cooling (COOL), dehumidification (DRY), heating (HEAT), ventilation (FAN).

  • Press the up and down buttons to set the desired temperature. In AUTO mode, the temperature is set to 25 degrees;

  • Adjust the ventilation speed by pressing the «FAN SPEED» button. Press sequentially until you select the optimal mode.

Use the remote wisely!

air conditioner diagram

Here are some useful tips to help you set up and operate your remote control:

  • Point the remote control strictly in the direction of the air conditioner, being at a distance of no more than two or three meters;

  • Keep the remote clean, because dirt on the infrared receiver can affect the correct connection of the remote to the device;

  • Keep the remote control in a special case or wall holder, away from direct sunlight;

  • Use batteries only from proven, well-known manufacturers;

  • Protect the remote control from mechanical damage, including falls.

This is all you need to know about the GREEN air conditioner remote control. We hope this article was useful for you. In the comments below, you can share your experience of setting up an air conditioner. Good luck!

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