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Instructions for the MDV air conditioner remote control

Usually, the air conditioner comes with a remote control, as well as detailed instructions. And if the remote control remains visible, the documents are often lost during installation or even at the stage of buying a split system. In this article, we will explain what the buttons on the remote control mean so that you can quickly and easily set up the MDV air conditioner.

What the buttons mean: functions and modes


The most important button that is responsible for turning on/off the air conditioner.


The button responsible for selecting the operating mode. In total, the device has 5 modes: automatic (AUTO), cooling (COOL), dehumidification (DRY), heating (HEAT) and ventilation (FAN). Each time you press the MODE button, the modes will switch, you can see it on the remote control display. Some remotes have separate «COOL» and «HEAT» buttons.


A button that allows you to adjust the ventilation speed. Each time you click on «FAN SPEED», one of the following speeds will be activated: AUTO, LOW, MED, HIGH. You will see these symbols on the display of the remote control.

▲ and ▼

Each time you press one of these buttons, the temperature increases or decreases by 1 degree.


Each time you press this button, the angle of the blinds located in the indoor unit of the air conditioner is adjusted. Blinds are responsible for changing the direction of air flow.


Another button designed to adjust the blinds. After a single click, the blinds will start moving up and down. When pressed again, they will lock in their position.


Time setting button. Press once, and within 5 seconds, start setting the clock using the up and down buttons. Then click on «CLOCK» a second time to be able to adjust the minutes. Then click «OK».


They are responsible for setting the timer for turning the air conditioner on or off, respectively. Press one of these buttons 1 time, adjust the timer time using the up and down buttons, then press «OK».


The confirmation button that must be pressed after setting the time or timer.



Resets all previously set settings.


Blocking all buttons from being accidentally pressed.


It is responsible for enabling the economy mode, which consumes less electricity.

Now you are familiar with the meaning of each button on the remote control, and you can easily choose the optimal operating mode for your air conditioner. Good luck!

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