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Instructions for the Delfa air conditioner remote control

Complete with air conditioners Delfa comes with detailed instructions for operation and configuration of the device. But the document is not always at hand, especially in those moments when it is urgently needed. In this article, we will explain what the buttons on the remote control mean so that you can quickly and easily set up a split system.

Button designations and operation mode settings


A button that everyone knows. When you first press it, it turns on the air conditioner, and when you press it again, it turns it off.


The second most important button after «ON/OFF». Each press selects a specific operating mode: AUTO (automatic), COOL (cooling), DRY (dehumidification), HEAT (heating), FAN (ventilation). The name of the selected mode can be seen on the remote control display.


The button responsible for setting the fan speed. Each time you click, the speed increases.


On Delfa air conditioners, these buttons usually do not work.


When you press this button once, the intensive operation mode of the air conditioner is activated, so that the air cools or heats up significantly faster than in normal operation. When pressed again, the function is turned off.



With a single click, the auto mode of intelligent selection of temperature and other parameters is started. This is very convenient if you do not want to understand the rich functionality of a modern air conditioner. When pressed again, the function is turned off.


As you might guess, this button is responsible for setting the timer. After pressing, you will be able to adjust the time using the up and down buttons. When you click the «TIMER» button again, the settings you set will be automatically saved.

▲ and ▼

Buttons that are responsible for increasing / decreasing the temperature or time, depending on the previously selected setting.


Responsible for the forced cleaning of the air conditioner. A single click triggers the function to remove germs and other pathogens. When pressed again, the function is turned off.


When pressed, the dehumidification mode of the indoor unit of the air conditioner is activated (not to be confused with «DRY» mode, which is responsible for dehumidifying the air. According to the manufacturer, thanks to this function, all excess moisture that could cause mold is removed from the air conditioner. When pressed again, the function is turned off.

Please note! The «CLEAN» and «FUNGUS PROOF» functions are not able to replace a full-fledged disinfection and cleaning of the air conditioning system by chemical means.


Press this button once to turn off the light on the air conditioner unit if it bothers you at night, or twice to turn it on.


Responsible for enabling the so-called night mode. After a single tap, the temperature will automatically decrease by a few degrees, and at the same time, the noise level from the air conditioner will decrease. When pressed again, the function is turned off.


Inside the air conditioner unit there are special guides (so-called «blinds») that regulate the movement of the air flow. The blinds swing up and down. When you press the button once, they start moving, and when you press it again, they lock in their position.


A single press turns on the so-called plasma filter. Thanks to this function, the air entering the room is cleaned more efficiently. At least, according to the manufacturers. When pressed again, the function is turned off.

We hope this article was useful for you. In the comments below, you can share your experience of setting up an air conditioner. Good luck!

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