Daikin air conditioner

Instructions for the Daikin air conditioner. Briefly

Before you start turning on the Daikin air conditioner for the first time, read the operating instructions. In it, we tell you how to make the first setup of the split system and how to use the air conditioner.

General operating rules

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Choose the operating mode based on the actual weather conditions. Do not turn on the heating mode if it is hot summer outside. Do not operate the machine at subzero temperatures unless otherwise specified by the manufacturer.

If you use the air conditioner throughout the day, periodically ventilate the room, do not forget to turn off the machine. We do not recommend using a split system in a room where a window is open.

Perform regular maintenance. At home, you can do cleaning and disinfection of the wall unit, any adult user can cope with this. But to clean the outdoor unit, contact a specialist for help. Also, trust the master to check the internal components and electronics.

When setting up the air conditioner, point the remote control in its direction at a distance of no more than 6-8 meters. There should be no foreign objects between the wall unit and the remote control that interfere with the signal transmission.

Do not forget about the batteries installed in the remote control. They need to be replaced every six months. We also recommend removing the batteries from the remote control if you do not use the air conditioner for more than 2 weeks.

2 batteries are used for power supply. They are installed in a special compartment located on the front bottom of the remote control. The compartment is closed with a lid, it can be opened with your hands, with a little effort. When changing the batteries, pay attention to the polarity of the batteries.

Symbols on the remote control

Turn on the air conditioner for the first time

Make sure that the air conditioner is connected to the mains and that the batteries are properly installed in the remote control. Point the remote control at the wall unit and press the ON/OFF button. The green LED on the front panel of the wall unit flashes. This means that the air conditioner is working properly and ready for operation.

To turn off the air conditioner, press the ON/OFF button again.

Quick setup of the operating mode

Follow the simple instructions to quickly set up the air conditioner after the first turn on:

  • Press the MODE button sequentially to select one of the preset operating modes (AUTOMATIC → DEHUMIDIFICATION → COOLING → HEATING → FAN);

  • In the cooling and heating modes, adjust the temperature using the up and down buttons;

  • In fan mode, adjust the ventilation speed by pressing the FAN button. Each time you click, the speed will increase (low → medium → high);

  • In automatic mode, the air conditioner itself selects the optimal settings based on the indicators outside the window and in the room.

These are the basic settings. The air conditioner has many additional features, which you can see by watching the video below.


This article provides a brief guide to the remote control, as well as general operating instructions that will be useful for every user of a split system from the Daikin brand. Any other questions? Ask them in the comments below. Good luck!

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