LG air conditioner

Instructions for the control remote from the LG air conditioner

LG air conditioners are functional and modern, and also cost significantly more than their more budget counterparts. It is for this reason that users expect absolute reliability from the air conditioner. And, by the way, they often get what they want.

But to unlock the full potential of the split system from LG, the device needs to be properly configured. The LG air conditioner remote control manual is included, but if the manual is not at hand, read this article. 

Remote control

instructions for the remote control from the LG air conditioner

  1. Turning the air conditioner on/off;

  2. Setting the operating mode;

  3. Temperature adjustment;

  4. Setting the ventilation speed;

  5. Turn on / off the intensive mode of operation, in which cooling/heating is faster;

  6. Adjust the blinds located in the wall unit. With the blinds, you can change the direction of the air flow;

  7. Setting the timer;

  8. Time adjustment when setting the timer;

  9. Turning the timer on/off;

  10. Turn on / off night mode;

  11. Switching on / off the ventilation mode;

  12. Indoor temperature display;

  13. Switching on / off the plasma air purifier;

  14. Setting the horizontal air direction;

  15. Reset all settings;

  16. Switching the keyboard control — to select the function indicated in blue;

  17. Turn on / off the self-cleaning of the air conditioner. The function is useful, but never replaced the full-fledged disinfection;

  18. Setting up the heater operation;

  19. Adjust the brightness of the display on the wall unit.

Basic Settings

So, you have a remote control from the air conditioner in your hands and you have figured out what each button means. Let’s go to the main thing: how to turn on the air conditioner? Here everything is simple: just click on the «ON/OFF» button (number 1 in the list above). You should hear the beep and see the green LED on the air conditioner housing. The device is turned on and ready to work. To turn it off, press the «ON/OFF»button again.

Next, you can configure the operating mode. To do this, press the corresponding button (number 2 in the list above) until the desired mode is displayed on the remote control display. The modes are switched in the following sequence: COOL (snowflake icon) — auto — dehumidification (DRY or droplet icon) — heating (HEAT or sun icon).

heat mode in lg air conditioner

Then use the adjustment buttons (number 3 in the list above) to set the desired temperature. Additionally, adjust the ventilation speed (button number 4 in the list above), each time you press this parameter will increase. Also adjust the air flow direction (button number 6 and 14 in the list above). After one click, the blinds will start moving, and after a second click, they will lock in their position.

Advanced settings

Your split system is equipped with additional parameters that can also be adjusted using the remote control.

The intensive work mode (button number 5) can be very useful if you do not want to wait long. Press once to allow cooling or heating to occur faster than normal. And press again to turn off the function.

Press the 9 button in the list above to turn on the timer. Use the buttons 7 and 8 to adjust the parameters. To reset these settings, press button 9 again.

Night Mode (button number 10 in the list above) is one of the most interesting and useful features. Turn it on at night if the split system is installed in your bedroom. In this mode, the air conditioner makes less noise and reduces the air temperature by several degrees, which has a positive effect on human health.

Ventilation (button number 11 in the list above) can be useful if you feel that in some parts of the room the air circulates poorly. Do not confuse ventilation with ventilation. In the case of ventilation, there is no inflow of clean air. Use the air that is already in the room.

The rest of the modes are intuitive, you can configure them without instructions.


A few simple tips on how to use the remote control from the air conditioner:

  • Do not set the air temperature to less than 20 degrees. Low temperature leads to excessive energy consumption and at the same time absolutely will not give you a feeling of comfort;

  • Do not forget to adjust the blinds in the wall unit. Direct the air flow so that the coolness or heat is evenly distributed throughout the room;

  • If you want to ventilate the room, turn off the air conditioner;

  • Need to cool the air quickly? Take advantage of the intensive work mode;

  • Replace the batteries with new ones every six months. Do not use an old battery paired with a new one;

  • Remove the batteries from the remote control if you do not use it for more than two weeks.


We hope that this kind of manual for the control panel was useful for you. The instructions for the LG air conditioner remote control are included, but you can also easily find them on the Internet. Any other questions? Ask them in the comments below. Good luck!

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