How does the remote control from the air conditioner work?

Instructions for the control panel of the Toshiba air conditioner

Toshiba air conditioners come with a convenient remote control. It is very similar to remote controls from other manufacturers, but has a number of features. So, for example, on the case of the Toshiba remote control there are buttons that are responsible for functions that are inherent only in air conditioners of this brand.

To enjoy all the benefits of these features, it is important to set them up correctly. If you do not have the instructions at hand, read our article. Here we talk in detail about the main features that should be taken into account.

Important to know

The air conditioner control panel is a technically complex device, so it is important to take into account a number of nuances in order not to inadvertently shorten its service life. Otherwise, the remote control may fail and you will have to purchase its universal counterpart to control the Toshiba air conditioner.

What to pay attention to:

  • Use two alkaline batteries to power the remote control. Replace them with new ones every six months. If you do not use the remote control for more than a month, remove the batteries to avoid leaks;

  • When setting up the air conditioner, point the remote control towards the wall unit. The maximum distance from the remote control to the air conditioner is no more than eight meters;

  • There should be no foreign objects between the remote control and the Toshiba air conditioner, such as doors, curtains and other materials. They can prevent the signal from passing from the remote control to the air conditioner;

  • Keep the Toshiba remote away from direct sunlight, water, small children and pets.;

  • Do not allow the remote control to fall or otherwise cause mechanical damage. Also, you should not use sharp objects to press the buttons.

Basic setup

Next, we will tell you how to use the Toshiba remote control to quickly and easily configure your Toshiba air conditioner, if you do not like to dig into the technology and do not want to understand the purpose of each button. Let’s get started:

  • Turn on the air conditioner by pressing the «ON/OFF» button. You should hear a loud beep sound. Also, a green light should light up on the body of the air conditioner;

  • After switching on, the cooling program will be set by default and the temperature will be +25 degrees. If you are satisfied with these settings, you can put the remote control aside;

  • If you want to set your own parameters, press the «MODE» button sequentially, while looking at the display of the remote control. Each time you press it, one of the operating modes (AUTO, COOL, DRY, HEAT, FAN) will be selected and you will see on the display which mode is currently selected;

  • Adjust the temperature using the up and down buttons;

  • Adjust the direction of the air flow by pressing the «SWING» button. After pressing, you will see how the guides located in the air conditioner housing will start moving up and down. After pressing again, they will lock in their position.

This is a basic setup, and it does not involve the inclusion of any additional features. If you want to understand the functions in more detail, read the article to the end.

instructions for the air conditioner

What do the buttons mean?

Toshiba air conditioners are functional and modern, which means that they are equipped not only with basic functionality, but also with additional features. To discover all the advantages of a split system, you need to set it up correctly using the remote control.

Let’s take a closer look at what the buttons on the remote control mean.


Click to get started. Press again to stop.

MODE (Select the operating mode)

Press this button one at a time to switch the operating modes of the air conditioner. In total, there are several modes: AUTO, COOL, DRY, HEAT, FAN.

MY MODE (Save user settings)

If in most cases you use the same mode and do not want to adjust the air conditioner every time you turn it on, press the «MODE» button before pressing «MODE». This way you can save your settings and return to them at any time.

SWING (Adjustment of horizontal blinds)

Use this button to adjust the direction of the air flow. When pressed once, the blinds begin to move, and when pressed again, they are fixed in their position.

FIX (Adjustment of vertical blinds)

In addition to the horizontal blinds in the air conditioner housing, there are also vertical ones. They can also be adjusted. Each time you press the button, the angle of the vertical guide will change by several degrees.

LED (On/off backlight)

If you are disturbed by the illumination of the wall unit at night, you can turn it off by pressing this button. If you press it again, the backlight will turn on. And if you hold the «LED» button for 2-3 seconds, the self-cleaning mode of the air conditioner unit will start from excess moisture and pathogens.

Please note! The self-cleaning function will not replace a full-fledged disinfection, which must be carried out regularly. This work can be entrusted to professionals or performed independently at home.

ECO Sleep (Sleep mode on)

In sleep mode, the air conditioner makes less noise and automatically lowers the air temperature by several degrees. According to research, this has a positive effect on a person’s sleep. When you press the button once, the function turns on, and when you press it again, it turns off.

Use the Up and Down buttons (Zoom in/out parameters)

Buttons that can be used to adjust the temperature by 1 degree more or less.

TIMER ON/ TIMER OFF (Setting the timer to turn on / off the air conditioner)

You can set the timer for turning the air conditioner on or off in advance. The button must be pressed several times to set the desired time. In some models, the hours and minutes are controlled by the up and down buttons.

TURBO or HIGH POWER (Intensive operation mode)

In the turbo mode, the air conditioner performs its functions more intensively, which means that it cools, heats, dehumidifies or ventilates the room faster (depending on the previously selected «MODE» mode). When you press the button once, the function turns on, and when you press it again, it turns off.

FOLLOW ME (Tracking mode on)

In the tracking mode, the air conditioner itself determines which part of the room people and pets are in, and directs the air flow in the other direction.


Do not be sad if the manual to the remote control is irretrievably lost. In this article, we talked about the basic rules that every user needs to know. In the comments below, you can share your experience on setting up and operating a Toshiba air conditioner. Good luck!

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