Instructions for the Carrier

Instructions for the Carrier air conditioner remote control

Carrier air conditioners became famous all over the world at the beginning of the last century! At that time, Willis Carrier actually invented the world’s first mass-produced air conditioner, which was installed in one of the major printing houses in New York. Since then, a lot of time has passed, but the Carrier brand does not give up its position in the market of air conditioning systems.

The Carrier devices are delivered together with detailed instructions. But we all know that at the right moment, the document is never at hand, and you have to adjust the air conditioner at random. In this article, we will tell you what the buttons on the remote control mean and where you need to press to set up the device quickly and easily.

What the buttons mean. Configuration Features

how to use the air conditioner


Everyone knows this button. Press it once to turn on the air conditioner, and a second time to turn it on.


Each time you press this button, one of the available operating modes will be activated: automatic (AUTO), cooling (COOL), dehumidification (DRY), heating (HEAT) and ventilation (FAN). The name of the selected mode is displayed on the remote control display.


A separate button for adjusting the ventilation speed. With each click, the speed will increase.

▲ and ▼

Buttons that are responsible for increasing or decreasing the temperature, as well as for setting other parameters (for example, time or timer).


When you press this button once, the blinds (the guides located in the air conditioner body are responsible for regulating the air flow) begin to move up and down. When pressed again, they are fixed in their position.


Enabling the so-called night mode, in which the air temperature decreases by several degrees and the noise level decreases.


Turning on/off the backlight on the air conditioner unit.


If you need to adjust the clock on the remote control display or the air conditioner housing, press this button and start editing the time using the up and down buttons for a few seconds. So you set the clock. Click on «CLOCK» again and adjust the minutes according to the same principle. After setting the time, click «OK».


This button is responsible for setting the timer for turning on the air conditioner. It is configured according to the same principle as «CLOCK» (see above).


The confirmation button. Press it after setting the time or setting the timer.


Resets all previously set settings.


Enabling the ionization mode, which makes the air purify more efficiently. When the button is pressed once, the function turns on, and when it is pressed again, it turns off.

Please note! The presence of the ionization function does not negate the fact that the air conditioner needs regular filter replacement.


Press the button once to turn on the intensive cooling or heating mode, depending on the previously set settings. When pressed again, the function is turned off. A very useful button if you need to quickly change the temperature in the room.

We wish you good luck in setting up and operating your new air conditioner Carrier! In the comments below, you can share your experience of using this brand of devices in your home or office.

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