Turn on the Dantex air conditioner for heating

Instructions for the air conditioner: tips for operation

The operating manual contains all the rules for setting up and operating a split system, but let’s be honest, which of us has instructions from electrical appliances? Many people throw away the documentation immediately after the purchase. But the air conditioner is a technically complex device, which is not so easy to understand without help.

We have written for you a brief but useful manual for the operation of the air conditioner, which will be useful for every user (even for those who do not like to read the instructions :)).

General recommendations

Before you start turning on the air conditioner for the first time, remember the simple rules:

  1. When setting up the air conditioner, take into account the temperature and humidity outside the window. If the window is hot summer heat, do not turn on the device for more than 25 degrees of heat. And if your model has an air heating mode, check with the service center at what temperatures it can function. Many air conditioners operate in heating mode only at a temperature not lower than -10 degrees Celsius;

  2. If you use the air conditioner for a long time, the room must be periodically ventilated. During ventilation, the device must be turned off! Some premium models are equipped with an air ventilation function, in this case, you can simply turn on the ventilation and do not open the window;

  3. Every air conditioner needs regular maintenance. We will tell you more about this in the article (see below «Briefly about the service»);

  4. The split system dries the air, so you will have to purchase a separate humidifier. Premium models are often equipped with a built-in humidifier, which is very convenient;

  5. The batteries in the remote control need to be replaced every six months, and remove them if you are away from home for a long time. Also, old batteries must be disposed of properly. You can find battery collection points or special containers that are available in many shopping centers.

Enable and configure

Now that you know about the basic operating rules, it’s time to turn on the air conditioner for the first time. This can be done from the remote control or by using the» secret » button located on the air conditioner body. Let’s look at this in more detail.

From the remote control

Point the remote control at the air conditioner. Make sure that there are no foreign objects or things between the remote control and the device that prevent the signal from passing through. Click on the «ON/OFF» button. After pressing, you will see a green light on the device’s body and hear a beep. This means that the device is working properly and ready for operation.

Click on the «MODE» button to select the operating mode. Here the principle of sequential switching of modes works, each time you press it, one of the preset options turns on: COOL, HEAT , DRY, FAN, AUTO. Information about the selected mode is displayed on the remote control display.

Adjust the temperature using the up/down or +/-buttons. In some cases, you need to first press the «TEMP» button and then adjust the temperature.


If you have turned on the ventilation mode, you can adjust the fan speed. To do this, click on «FAN SPEED» and use the UP / down or +/- buttons to adjust the speed. In some models, the speed is controlled by the «FAN SPEED» button, similar to «MODE». With each click, the speed will increase.


Press the «SWING» button to adjust the direction of the air flow. After pressing, you will see and hear how the horizontal guides began to move in the air conditioner housing. Press the button again at the moment when the position of the guides seems most comfortable to you. After pressing again, they will lock in their position.

If the air conditioner is installed in the bedroom or children’s room, be sure to try «SLEEP» mode. After turning it on, the noise level will decrease, and the room temperature will drop by a few degrees. In such conditions, sleep is stronger. Proven by scientists!

Also useful will be the «LED» button, which is responsible for turning on / off the backlight of the air conditioner.

If you want to cool or heat the room in a short time, click on the «TURBO» button. So you turn on the intensive mode of operation. To disable it, you need to click on the button a second time.

Important! These are just the basic settings. Manufacturers complete their air conditioners with a wide variety of functionality that can only be inherent in their devices. We talked about the main parameters that are available in each split system.

Without remote control

If the remote control is lost or broken, you can turn on the air conditioner in an emergency. This method is not suitable for use on a permanent basis, use it only in special situations.

Remove the decorative cover of the wall unit of the air conditioner (there are special latches around the perimeter of the unit that fix the panel) and find a small button. Often it is located at the bottom right. Often it is sunk inside, you will need a thin long object to push it.

turning on the air conditioner without remote control

This «secret» button you will not confuse with anything, because there is simply no other such button. Click on it once. The device will turn on, making a characteristic beep. Then there are two possible scenarios:

  1. In budget devices, the automatic mode is turned on, with the help of which the air conditioner itself selects the optimal operating mode and temperature;

  2. In the more expensive models, it is possible to select the operating mode by sequentially pressing the «secret» button, similar to the «MODE» button. The temperature will be adjusted automatically, without your participation.

Briefly about the service

disassembly of the air conditioner

Our air conditioner operating instructions will be incomplete if we do not tell you about the features of the service. After all, careful care is the key to technical «health» for an air conditioner, no matter how expensive or cheap it is.

About periodicity

If you only use the air conditioner in the summer, maintain the air conditioner before and after the season. I.e., twice a year. And if the device is also operated in the heating mode, you need to perform maintenance four times a year: before the summer season and after it, before the cold season and after it.

About the distribution of responsibilities

Maintenance can be divided into two stages: technical inspection and cleaning + disinfection. The split system consists of two blocks: external (it is mounted on the facade) and internal (mounted on the wall in the room). You can clean the indoor unit yourself and disinfect it. But the cleaning of the outdoor unit and the technical inspection of the entire air conditioning system should be entrusted to a professional.

About self-service

maintenance of the indoor air conditioner unit

Simple instructions for cleaning the indoor unit:

  1. Disconnect the machine from the mains. Wipe the decorative panel of the indoor unit using a soft cloth and air conditioner cleaner;

  2. Remove the decorative cover (there are special latches around the perimeter of the unit that fix the panel) and use a vacuum cleaner to clean the internal components of the air conditioner. Use the nozzle with a narrow nozzle to get to the most inaccessible places;

  3. Remove the plastic filter (it is located in the most visible place, you will notice it immediately after removing the decorative panel), wash it with disinfectant and a brush, rinse under running water and leave to dry;

  4. Use a soft cloth and cleaning agent to clean the internal components of the air conditioner. Be careful not to use too much water.


We hope that our user guide was useful for you! Of course, all these rules can be found in the instructions for the air conditioner. But if the manual is not at hand, use our material. It will save a lot of time and effort, as well as increase the service life of the air conditioner, if you follow simple rules. In the comments below, you can share your tips and recommendations on how to use the air conditioner correctly. Good luck!

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