Panasonic split system

Instructions for set-up the Panasonic split system

Panasonic Inverter air conditioners are economical to use, functional and modern. But to discover all the advantages of such a split system, you need to use it correctly. If the numerous buttons on the remote control cause confusion, and you have no idea how to turn on the air conditioner, read this article. Here we talk about the main nuances that need to be taken into account.

Remote control

The Panasonic air conditioner is controlled by a remote control that comes with the unit. Learn what the buttons on the remote control case mean:

panasonic air conditioner remote control

  1. On/Off switch

  2. Setting the operating mode

  3. Temperature adjustment

  4. Setting the timer

  5. Fan setup

  6. Adjusting the air flow direction

  7. Resetting the last action

  8. Setting up the clock

  9. Confirm the setup

  10. Reset all previously set settings

Basic setup

how to configure кондиционер

Install new batteries in the remote control, if necessary, and start setting up the split system.

  • Turn on the air conditioner by pressing the button number 1. You should hear a beep sound. It signals that the air conditioner is turned on and ready to be set up.

  • Select the optimal operating mode (button number 2). Each time you press it, one of the following modes will be activated: automatic, heating, cooling, dehumidification, fan.

  • Use the buttons under number 3 to adjust the temperature. Also, adjust the ventilation speed by pressing the button number 5 sequentially. Each time you click, the speed will increase.

  • Use the button number 6 to adjust the direction of the air flow. After a single click, the so-called blinds will start moving in the wall unit. You will feel the direction of the flow change. After pressing again, the blinds will lock in their position.

Additional modes and settings

Panasonic air conditioners are equipped with additional settings that may be necessary for a fastidious user.

For example, using the button number 4, you can set the timer to turn on the air conditioner. Press the button once and use the temperature control buttons to set the desired time after which the machine should turn on.

By the same principle, you can set the clock (button number 8). Press the button once and set the time using the temperature adjustment buttons.

By the way! Many models of Panasonic air conditioners are equipped with an automatic resume function. If the power is suddenly cut off during operation, the split system will automatically turn on and continue working in the set mode as soon as the power supply resumes.


cleaning the air conditioner filters

The right setup is only half the battle! The air conditioner needs regular maintenance, which should be carried out by a specialist with experience. But some of the work you have to do yourself. In particular, cleaning the housing of the wall unit, as well as disinfection of filters.

About malfunctions

Any air conditioner sooner or later fails, because it consists of a large number of components. Next, we will tell you about the main breakdowns and how to fix them:

  • The air conditioner does not turn on. Check whether it is plugged into an outlet and whether there is a voltage. Also make sure that the remote control is working properly and that it has new batteries installed;

  • The remote control does not work. Check the availability of batteries, as well as their correct installation;

  • In dehumidification mode, the wall unit periodically stops working. This is normal, since a fan is not always needed in this mode. Namely, the fan is the main source of noise, by which we determine that the air conditioner is working;

  • A cloud of fog can be seen from the openings of the wall unit. Probably, the reason is the high humidity in the room and the lack of heating;

  • Faint white smoke is emitted from the outdoor unit. This is often normal if there are no other signs of failure, such as an unpleasant smell;

  • Water is flowing from the outdoor unit. It is ok. To prevent water from entering the neighbor’s balcony, it is necessary to organize the correct drainage of condensate;

  • In the heating mode, the air conditioner stops working, but after 10-15 minutes it turns on again. This is normal for a split system. If the device stops working for more than 20 minutes, you should pay attention to this and call the service center;

  • The air conditioner cools the air worse than before. Make sure that the windows and doors are closed, and the filters are cleaned, and there are no additional appliances in the room that emit heat;

  • The air conditioner does not cool/heat the air. There was probably a freon leak. Contact customer service;

  • The air conditioner has become a source of unpleasant odors. Perform a comprehensive cleaning of the split system;

  • Sounds of crackling and gurgling are heard. This is normal for the air conditioning system.

Please note

Before the start of the season, the air conditioner needs to dry. Turn on the device in the heating mode for 2-3 hours. Then turn it off and start using it after a day. Also, before the summer season, it is necessary to carry out maintenance, cleaning and/or replacing filters, as well as checking the electronics.


Panasonic Inverter air conditioners are not as difficult to use as it may seem at first glance! Take a few minutes to study this article to set up your split system. Also, do not forget about the maintenance of the air conditioning system. We hope that this manual for the remote control was useful for you. Any other questions? Ask them in the comments below. Good luck!

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