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Installation of an air conditioner at the repair stage

After the purchase, the owners of air conditioners are asked a lot of questions. «How to install an air conditioner correctly so as not to spoil expensive repairs» is one of the most popular. One master says that the split system should be installed at the stage of rough repair. Others claim that the device can be hung up after repair. Who should I trust?

In this article, we will tell you in detail how the installation of an air conditioner is performed at the repair stage and after its completion, what is a two-stage installation and why it is worth choosing this method of installing a split system.

General information

the split system does not turn on

A split system with an internal wall-type unit is the most common type of air conditioner in private homes and apartments. In recent years, many manufacturers have appeared on the market offering customers inexpensive devices with impressive functionality. For this reason, air conditioning has ceased to be perceived as a luxury item.

Now every average family can buy a split system. Air conditioning in an apartment is not a luxury, but a necessity. But, if you are planning a repair, you need to take care of its purchase and installation in advance. In theory, the device can be delivered both before and after repair. But before making a decision, you need to take into account a number of important nuances.

Installation before or after repair?

We are convinced that the air conditioner should be installed in two stages. After the rough repair, when the walls are already plastered and prepared, it is necessary to mount the track and the outdoor unit. Then it is necessary to finish the final repair (glue the wallpaper or paint the walls), and only after that hang the indoor unit.

The type of room is not so important. This principle works both when installing an air conditioner in an apartment and when installing it in an office building.

Several arguments in favor of two-stage installation

Installation of air conditioning in the apartment

But why are we talking about a two-stage installation? Is it really impossible to hang up the air conditioner immediately, during roughing or finishing? Of course, you can. But such a decision is fraught with» crutches » that no one smart owner of a split system will want to face.

If you decide to install the entire air conditioning system at the stage of rough repairs, be prepared for inconveniences. The indoor unit will interfere with pasting wallpaper or carefully painting the wall. And then, if you suddenly dismantle the air conditioner, a section of a concrete wall without any decoration will be displayed in place of the indoor unit.

When installing the device after finishing repairs, you will face great difficulties. You will not be able to hide communications in the wall, you will have to use a plastic box. And believe me, he has not yet decorated one interior.

Also, in any case, you will have to drill a hole in the outer wall to conduct communications to the street through it. Your wallpaper or painting will be partially damaged. The problem can be masked with a decorative overlay, but this solution is also difficult to call aesthetic. Especially if at the stage of repair you ordered interior design services and invested money in the beauty of your home.

In short, a two-stage installation is the optimal solution for a modern and technically thought-out house.

And if the repair is already finished?

Installing an air conditioner after repairing an apartment is not the best solution. We have already discussed why above. But if the repair is already over and you suddenly decided to install a split system, do not get upset. The problem can be solved with the help of all the same plastic boxes.

plastic box for the track кондиционера
The communications of the air conditioner are hidden in a plastic box

Yes, this option can not be called beautiful. But this is the only way to install an air conditioner, while hiding communications. It is also worth looking for responsible neat craftsmen who will drill the wall with extreme caution. When drilling, a large amount of dust is formed, it gets clogged into the laminate and even into household appliances. But experienced installers can do this work much more accurately!

You may get the impression that this method of installation is one continuous drawback. But this is not the case. This method of installing an air conditioner has an undeniable advantage — direct access to communications. Freon tubes and drainage tubes can be replaced quickly and inexpensively. Hidden editing will not give you this opportunity.

Learn more about two-stage installation

air conditioner route

Let’s take a closer look at the question of how professionals install an air conditioner in two stages.

The first stage:

  • A marking is made on the wall with a rough finish. The exact location of the indoor unit and the route is indicated. The instructions should not be schematic. Exact dimensions are specified, the ceiling skirting board and curtains are taken into account.

  • The wall is being chasing. The track is laid in the wall chasing;

  • A through hole is drilled in the outer wall of the house under the window. Communications are output through it;

  • The outdoor unit is installed. Communications are connected to it. The drainage pipe is taken out to the street (although it should be taken out into the sewer using a siphon, according to the mind. But not all owners agree to pay extra for this service);

  • The wall is plastered, the hole in the wall is foamed and putty;

The first stage is the most dusty and time-consuming. And second one, as a rule, takes much less time and is cheaper. Therefore, after completing the first stage, you can exhale with relief, because most of the work is behind you!

The second stage:

  • A mounting plate is installed on a wall with a finishing finish (wallpapered or painted), and an indoor unit is already put on it. Along the perimeter, it is attached to the mounting plate (either screwed or snapped);

  • The indoor unit is connected to the communications;

  • Vacuumization is performed, the system is filled with freon and tested.

After the second stage, we can say with sovereignty that the installation of air conditioning in the apartment is completed.


installation of copper pipes кондиционера

In parallel, we will answer one more popular question — is it possible to install an air conditioner yourself? In theory, yes.

But keep in mind that installing an air conditioner is a difficult, time-consuming job. You must take into account many nuances so that the route is sealed and that the device as a whole works stably. We still recommend that you entrust the installation to professional craftsmen. They have not only the necessary tools, but also invaluable experience.


After buying an air conditioner, the user immediately has a lot of questions. How and where to put the air conditioner? How to set it up and use it correctly?

In this article, we told you when it is worth installing a split system: before or after repair. Installation of an air conditioner at the repair stage is the optimal solution. Especially if you choose a two-stage installation method, when the outdoor unit and communications are installed after rough finishing, and the indoor unit-after finishing.

Any other questions? You can ask them in the comments below. If you have previously encountered the installation of an air conditioner (as a master or owner), tell us about your experience in the comments below. It will be useful for many readers. Also read other articles on our website. Here you will find a lot of useful materials about the installation and operation of various air conditioning systems.

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