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Installation of air conditioning in the apartment. Features

If you have purchased a split system, then you are probably interested in how to hang an air conditioner. there are several options for installing air conditioning in apartments. Often such work is carried out by professional craftsmen, since the installation of an air conditioner in an apartment requires special knowledge and skills. But some home craftsmen cope with this task without attracting outside help.

In this article, you will learn how to properly install an air conditioner in an apartment. We will also answer the question whether it is possible to install an air conditioner with your own hands, and tell you about the basic scheme of installing a wall-mounted air conditioner.



So, you will need:

  • A hammer drill and a set of drills. A large hole must be made in the outer bearing wall, so the diameter of the largest drill should be at least 5 cm;

  • Detector-metal detector. The reinforcement can be located in the wall, it should never be touched when stroblenii or when drilling a hole;

  • A set for cutting and rolling pipes. It is necessary for cutting copper tubes in accordance with the required size, as well as for rolling them. In theory, you can use other improvised tools for this purpose, but we all recommend purchasing a special set. It includes a pipe cutter, scraping and materials for rolling;

  • Pump for bicycle cameras. You will need it to check the tightness;

  • Pressure gauge. Without this device, it is simply impossible to do either when vacuuming or when pumping freon;

  • Vacuum pump. You will need this tool to remove excess moisture from the system before pumping freon;

  • Phase indicator. You will need it to determine the voltage;

  • A tester for checking electrics.

This set is quite enough to perform a full-fledged installation of a split system. But we will remind you once again: it is better to entrust such work to a professional master. He has not only a set of necessary tools, but also invaluable experience. And this, unfortunately, can not boast of any one home craftsman.

Of course, installing a wall-mounted air conditioner is not cheap. And many owners are trying to save money, thinking that they will cope with the installation themselves. But often such ventures lead to additional problems and breakdowns that have to be repaired. Therefore, think many times before starting an independent installation.

A few words about the tubes

copper tubes for air conditioner

Before we move on to the question of how to install an air conditioner, let’s look at the main consumable-pipes.

It is most convenient to buy copper tubes in the form of a bay. It is better to buy more than you need, but at the same time avoid problems during installation. When choosing the tubes, pay attention to their condition. There should be no dents, creases and other visible defects. Also, the ends of the tubes should be rolled from the factory.

It is better to take a corrugated drainage tube with a diameter of no more than 16 mm. this diameter is not chosen by chance.

On the one hand, this is enough for the condensate to flow by gravity into the street. On the other hand, with this diameter, less dirt, insects and poplar fluff will get into the tube. Although these misfortunes, unfortunately, sooner or later get into all drainage pipes, regardless of the diameter. Take the length with a margin.

And now let’s get to the topic. Below you will learn how to install the air conditioner in stages.

Installation sequence

dismantling of the air conditioner without freon

How to install an air conditioner? The whole process can be divided into several stages:

  1. Marking the location of the indoor unit;

  2. Wiring installation;

  3. Installing the external unit;

  4. Drilling a hole in the external load-bearing wall and stroblenie for laying communications;

  5. Preparation and laying of the route;

  6. Installation of interblock communication;

  7. Checking the tightness of the system;

  8. Vacuuming the air conditioner;

  9. Injection of refrigerating agent (freon);

  10. Connecting the power supply;

  11. Testing the air conditioner;

  12. Foaming and, if necessary, installing a decorative plug for the hole in the wall.

And now we will describe some features of each stage of work.

Details about each stage

Marking for the indoor unit

marking for air conditioning

The first thing to think about is where to properly install an air conditioner in an apartment. To choose a place, you need to take into account many nuances: from the height of the ceilings to the size of the future ceiling skirting board.

The device can be installed in a living room or in the hallway, if the apartment is small. In the latter case, cool air will flow smoothly into all rooms at the same time.

The markup can be done using a regular marker. We recommend that you first use a paint tape and only then draw markings along its borders. You will appreciate this method if the first calculations turn out to be incorrect and you will have to redefine the place for the indoor unit.

The unit itself must be mounted on the wall only for testing and then after finishing.

Power supply

Installation of an air conditioner in an apartment is impossible without electrics. An ordinary low-power household air conditioner consumes an average of 3 kW. For such devices, you will need wires with a cross-section of 1.5 sq. mm. We also recommend installing an automatic switch. It will turn off the air conditioner if there is an abnormal voltage in the network.

When connecting the air conditioner to the electrical panel, the yellow-green wire must be connected to the neutral. Using the phase indicator, it is necessary to determine the zero and the phase. If cables of non-standard colors are used, mark zero and phase on them, so that it will be clearer in the future.

Installation of the external unit

external unit hums

How to hang an outdoor unit at home? This is a difficult question… We are convinced that such work should be performed by a professional if the device is installed at a height above the second floor of a residential building. You can also install an air conditioner yourself, but this involves a risk to life and health.

We’ve finished with the warning. Let’s get to the point. Often, the external unit is installed on special brackets. They are shallow, but very strong. They are mounted on the facade, and then an air conditioner unit is placed on them. It is also recommended to install a visor to protect the device from precipitation and direct sunlight.

It is better to perform such work with a partner. Let him give you tools or insure you against an accidental fall. When installing on the balcony, the danger is significantly reduced, but an assistant will still not be superfluous. After all, you will have to bend over the fence, which can also be dangerous.


what is a stroba

To properly install the air conditioner with your own hands, you can not do without drilling and crushing the walls.

We drill a hole (at least 8 cm in diameter, but better than 10 cm) in the external load-bearing wall with a puncher, after checking the presence of fittings. In any case, do not drill into the rebar! You can damage it, at the same time violating the design of the house. It is better to make a hole 15-20 cm down from the window sill, this is the most optimal place.

Do the work with a partner. You will drill a hole, and your partner will warn passers-by on the street not to approach the house. Pieces of the wall can be dangerous for passers-by.

And also keep in mind that it is necessary to install a split system directly in the room: you need to make a wall shtroblenie for laying communications.

Laying the route

air conditioner route

Measure the length of the copper tubes and add another 50-100 cm to this value. When bending the tubes, you need to be careful not to form creases. To cut the tubes, use a pipe cutter. Do not use a hacksaw or other similar tools for this purpose.

Continue preparing the tubes. Put thermal insulation-flex on them. Do not use other materials, they are unsuitable for our purposes. Also, put the nuts on the tubes (threaded towards the end of the pipe) and carry out the rolling. Lay the tubes in the strobe and take them out through the hole to the street.

It remains to connect the tubes to the fittings. In most blocks, the hot and cold fitting differ in diameter, so it is difficult to confuse them. The fittings need to be tightened properly, but do not overdo it, so as not to squeeze the metal. During sealing, you can additionally tighten it, if necessary.

Now about the drainage pipe. It must be passed through a hole in the wall and connected to the pipe through which the condensate will exit from the indoor unit. They can be connected together using a heat-shrinkable material by heating it with a soldering iron.

Power supply of the blocks to each other

The installation of the wall-mounted air conditioner is almost finished! We need to establish an inter-block connection. To do this, use the same wires as for power supply — stranded, with a cross section of at least 1.5 sq. mm. Connect the terminals of the external and internal unit. Take the wires outside through the hole in the wall.

Leakproofness check

Now you need to check how tight the system is. To check, use a soap solution. It is easy to prepare: take half a liter of distilled water, boil it and dissolve a tablespoon of pre-grated household soap in it.

It is better to do the work with a partner. Attach a bicycle pump to the outlet nozzle of the exhaust nipple, start pumping air. And let the partner apply the solution to all the joints. If bubbles appear, it is necessary to tighten the connections. When you have achieved the required level of sealing, remove the soap traces with a damp cloth.


air conditioner vacuuming

Vacuumization is necessary! During the vacuumization process, excess air is removed from the system. To perform this procedure, a vacuum pump is connected to the nipple. It works for 15-20 minutes. If in doubt, pump out the air for 30 minutes. At the same time, it is important to pay attention to the readings of the pressure gauge. The arrow should be in a small minus. If it is at zero, then the vacuumization is not carried out efficiently enough.

Refueling with refrigerant

It is not so difficult to install an air conditioner in an apartment until the stage of filling it with a refrigerating agent comes. This is not an easy task, requiring skill and specific knowledge.

The air conditioner is filled with freon through a special adapter (if necessary), while it is necessary to monitor the readings of the pressure gauge. The instructions for the freon cylinder indicate the pressure at which you need to stop refueling.


So, we figured out how to connect the air conditioner. But after the installation, it is important to fully test the device. You need to turn on the automatic machine, the air conditioner will turn on the automatic testing mode. You can also start this process using the remote control. If everything works, congratulations! The self-installation was successful.

Sealing the hole in the wall

air conditioner plug

It remains to seal the hole with the help of mounting foam and put on a decorative plug. you can cut it yourself from improvised materials, or buy it in a specialized store. The hole must be foamed, otherwise in the cold season it will blow into the apartment from it.


Now you know how to hang the air conditioner correctly. We have listed the main nuances that need to be taken into account. But you should understand that the installation of a wall-mounted air conditioner is a troublesome matter. Many home craftsmen do not manage to put the device on the first time.

For this reason, we still recommend entrusting this task to a professional master. He will do his job quickly and competently. But it is important to choose a conscientious installer who values his reputation.

In this article, we talked about one of the possible installation options. In our opinion, this is exactly what the correct installation of air conditioning in apartments looks like. Of course, a professional can put an air conditioner in an apartment using another method. But the method described in the article is most applicable at home.

In the comments below, you can share your tips on how to install an air conditioner. Tell us about your experience, give some recommendations. they will be useful for many readers of our site. We wish you good luck!

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