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Installation of a window air conditioner in a plastic window

Plastic windows have long become a standard replacement for Soviet wooden double-glazed windows. Due to the low cost, tightness and aesthetic appearance, plastic windows can be found in many apartments. However, they have one drawback — the lack of an opening for the installation of a window air conditioner.

In this article, we will tell you in detail how to install a window air conditioner in a plastic window, and what nuances you need to take into account so that the device will serve you for many years, working properly.

General information

window air conditioner

From the history of air conditioners, we know that the first truly mass-produced devices appeared in the United States at the beginning of the 20th century. They were quite bulky and noisy, and also toxic, because they emitted dangerous fumes.

But progress did not stand still, air conditioners became safe and compact. In the middle of the last century, America was overwhelmed by a wave of popularity of window air conditioners. Any average family could afford to buy such a device, so they were produced on a huge scale.

Historically, most windows in America have a single sash that rises up. Of course, the manufacturers of air conditioners took this feature into account and therefore made devices of such a shape and size that the air conditioner could easily fit into the window opening of a typical American house.

As a result, this format has become the standard, and most manufacturers still produce window air conditioners with an orientation to the Western market. But our windows look completely different! They have at least one sash that swings open to the side. And in modern plastic windows there are two or three such shutters.

However, this feature did not particularly affect the market of window air conditioners in Russia and the CIS countries. Our craftsmen adapted to the dimensions of the American «window boxes» and came up with ways to install such devices even in a plastic window.

Now the popularity of window air conditioners is not as great as before. They were replaced by split systems. They are more expensive, but more effective, more aesthetic and banal easier to use. And the frame does not have to be adjusted to the size of the device.


However, window air conditioners can still be purchased on the market. After all, they have a number of significant advantages:

  • Compactness;

  • Low price;

  • Smooth operation;

  • Easy maintenance and cleaning.

By the way, all these advantages also have an air conditioner of the «monoblock» type, it is also called a mobile air conditioner. This is a more modern and convenient replacement.

Installation rules

installation of a window conditioner

To properly install an air conditioner in the window, you must first familiarize yourself with some important nuances.

Follow the simple instructions:

  • Take into account the side of the light on which you plan to install the air conditioner. If possible, refuse to install on the south side, so that the device does not overheat in the sun;

  • The air conditioner should not rest against an advertising sign or any other obstacles. It is securely fixed in the window opening;

  • The ventilation holes on the unit must be open so that the air can circulate freely;

  • For the air conditioner, it is necessary to lay a separate wiring, adding a separate automatic machine to the shield. It is not allowed to connect the device to the general network via an extension cord;

  • When installing a window air conditioner, the distance from the floor to the opening in which the unit will be installed is taken into account. It should be at least 75-80 cm;

  • If large icicles are visible on the cornice of the house in the winter season, or the facade is regularly exposed to precipitation, it is necessary to provide for the presence of a protective visor.

Please note

These are just the basic rules. Only an experienced master knows about other subtleties. It is for this reason that we do not recommend performing the installation with your own hands. Of course, the installation of the «window» is not as difficult as the installation of a split system. However, if the work is poorly performed, the device will work incorrectly in the best case, and at worst it may fall out of the window arbitrarily and cause an accident.

Do not take any risks, entrust the installation of a window air conditioner to an experienced specialist. When selecting a master, pay attention to the reviews and the cost of his services. Do not trust an installer who is ready to do the work for three kopecks or works without a contract. It is better to pay a professional worthily once than to bite your elbows later. Appreciate your time and nerves, they are priceless.

How is the installation carried out

The best option is to pre-order a frame according to individual sizes with an opening for installing a window air conditioner. However, in practice, rarely anyone bothers with this question. As a result, we have to conjure over the already existing frame, which is not suitable for the installation of the «window»in its standard form. Nevertheless, the installation of a window air conditioner in a conventional plastic frame is quite possible.

window air conditioner installation

The installation of an air conditioner in a window unit begins with the selection of tools. Usually the masters use the following arsenal:

  • Electric jigsaw;

  • Construction level;

  • Drill;

  • Glass cutter;

  • Bulgarian + metal disc;

  • Construction knife.


Now let’s talk directly about the installation. First, the wizard selects the optimal location. Usually this is the lower part of one of the flaps. The frame is inspected, its strength is visually checked. If the master decides that the window is not reliable enough, you can use metal corners to strengthen the structure.

Next, a marking is made on the window, in which place the air conditioner unit will be installed. According to the marking, the extra part of the window is cut out along with the glass. The work must be carried out with the utmost care. It is important that the glass does not fall out on the street and does not injure passers-by.

Next, a jumper is installed. It can be made of various materials, but most often it is made of metal. Then a special mounting frame is installed in the opening, on which it is subsequently necessary to mount the air conditioner unit. When installing the unit, it is important to observe a slight slope towards the street. This is done using the building level.

After installing the unit, all gaps must be closed with the help of mounting foam or a special sealant. If the cracks are too large in size, you can use foam rubber for better insulation. In this case, cold air will not blow out of the cracks.

The installation of a window air conditioner in a plastic window can be considered complete. We remind you once again that it is better to entrust such work to a professional. He has not only a set of necessary tools, but also invaluable experience. Often, the correction of banal errors from inept craftsmen is more expensive than the initial installation from a specialist.


We have described the simplest option for installing a window air conditioner. It is difficult to call it the only correct one. Manufacturers will probably also not approve of this method of installation, since it contradicts any energy efficiency rules. Air can be blown through the cracks, and the unauthorized cutting of an extra part of the window can be called barbaric. We recommend entrusting this work to specialists with experience and good reviews.

Installing a window air conditioner in a plastic window is a troublesome business. If new double-glazed windows are already installed in the apartment, you will have to cut out part of the glass in order to put a window block in the resulting opening. But, of course, according to the mind, it is necessary to foresee in advance the need to install an air conditioner and make a custom frame with an opening.

And if the window is already installed and there is no way to replace it with a custom one, you will have to turn on your wits, as they say. Such a style of installation is common only on the territory of the former USSR countries, since the parameters of our windows do not coincide with the standard form factor of a window air conditioner. After all, initially these devices were intended for the Western market.

Any other questions? Ask them in the comments below. You can also share your experience of installing a window air conditioner. It will be very useful for many readers of our site. Give some recommendations on how to save money on installing an air conditioner in a plastic window. We wish you good luck!

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