Installation of a mobile air conditioner.

Installation of a mobile air conditioner. In detail

Mobile air conditioners appeared on the market only a few years ago, but during this time they managed to gain great popularity. This is not surprising, because if the repair is already done and there is a desire to put an air conditioner, it is easier to buy a mobile device.

It will not require the same thorough complex installation as a standard wall-mounted air conditioner. This means that you can install the device at home at minimal cost, without the risk of ruining expensive repairs.

However, when installing mobile air conditioners, it is also important to take into account some nuances. If you ignore the recommendations of professionals, you can get an inefficient energy-consuming device that will not cope with its functions. In this article, we will share our secrets on how to properly install a mobile air conditioner.

General recommendations

There are two types of floor air conditioners on the market: with air ducts and without them. Second type we will not consider in this article, because the word «installation» is not applicable to them, and it is difficult to call them full-fledged air conditioners. Let’s talk only about devices with air ducts.

mobile air conditioner air duct

The simplest method of installation is to connect one end of the air duct to the monoblock, and to bring the second end into the window opening through a slightly open window pane. This is the most primitive installation option, which we will not recommend. And here’s why.

When the window is open, the necessary tightness is not provided. You’ve probably heard that you can’t open the windows while the air conditioner is running. When the windows are open, the unit has to operate at full power, which significantly increases energy costs and reduces the service life of the air conditioner.

The same rule applies when installing mobile installations. To avoid open air flows, it is necessary to use a special window insert.

Now about the air ducts. When using only one air duct, it is not possible to achieve the most efficient air circulation in the room. In a mobile air conditioner, the hot and cold circuits are installed in a single monoblock, whereas in a conventional wall-mounted device, the circuits are not adjacent to each other. It is important that hot and cold air do not mix. For these purposes, just two air ducts are used. Let’s take a closer look at how to properly install a mobile air conditioner in an apartment.

Correct installation

Take a look at the image below. The correct installation of the air conditioner is shown here. First, there are two air ducts, not one. Secondly, they are installed at a decent distance from each other so that the air does not mix. Third, a plastic window insert is used, which provides sufficient tightness.

installation of floor heating кондиционера

Before installing the air ducts, check their integrity. Corrugated air ducts are often broken. Don’t let it happen. When making the window insert, check that the measurements are correct. It is important to ensure complete tightness. Be sure to use a sealant or mounting foam when installing the window insert.

Do not forget about the basic rules of electrical safety during the work. Outdoor air conditioners themselves are rarely a source of injury, but we do not recommend neglecting safety precautions.

Please note

We briefly described how to install a floor air conditioner. Let’s now look at some of the nuances that are important to consider.

outdoor air conditioner

First of all, think about the installation location. Many floor air conditioners are equipped with wheels, but do not delude yourself about this. It is unlikely that you will be able to move the device from place to place, since you are limited by the length of the air ducts.

Therefore, it is important to determine in advance where the air conditioner will stand. For more efficient operation, we recommend installing the device at a height of 60 cm above the floor level. You can build a pedestal or use furniture.

What is the reason for such a strange installation of a mobile air conditioner in an apartment, if in all the advertising pictures the air conditioner is on the floor? It’s simple: the smaller the distance between the air conditioner and the ceiling, the more energy efficient the device works. You probably noticed that the usual wall-mounted air conditioner is installed directly under the ceiling.

This position is not chosen by chance. He does not have to spend extra energy on the supply of air jets, which significantly saves electricity. This principle can also be applied when installing floor air conditioners. During operation, the floor unit releases cold air up, after which it descends down, evenly cooling the room.


Now you know how to install a mobile air conditioner. Knowing this information, you can try to install it yourself or monitor the work of hired installers.

But keep in mind that ideally, the installation of a floor air conditioner should be carried out only by professionals. Although mobile devices are easy to install, but if you do not observe a number of technical nuances, you can get an absolutely inefficient device at the output. Good luck!

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