Indoor unit of the air conditioner

Indoor unit of the air conditioner: why is it necessary?

The split system consists of two blocks — outdoor and indoor. In this article, we will talk about the internal unit of the air conditioner, tell you why it is necessary and what varieties exist.

General information

In a technical sense, the indoor unit is necessary for taking heat from the room and supplying cold air. However, in practice, this part of the split system performs a number of other functions. For example, it dries, cleans, humidifies the air and simply complements the interior.

A standard indoor unit consists of a number of components:

  1. Removable plastic panel. It hides the main technical part of the air conditioner, which must be periodically serviced. It is for these purposes that the panel is designed in such a way that it can be easily removed;

  2. Filters. They are designed to clean the air from dust and dirt from the street. The more expensive models have filters designed for finer cleaning. They save you from pollen and other volatile allergens;

  3. The vaporizer. One of the most important components of the indoor unit. In the evaporator, the freon is heated and, in fact, evaporates;

  4. Blinds. Designed to adjust the air flow;

  5. Display or LED indicators. Designed to inform about the operating mode, temperature, etc.; 6.Fan. Required for air supply. As a rule, it has several speeds;

  6. Drainage system. It is necessary for the removal of excess condensate outside the room; Moisture is collected in a special tray, from where it is discharged to the street through a drainage pipe;

  7. Control board. Responsible for the correct operation of all electronics. Controlled by the remote control.

These are the main components of the indoor unit. There are still a number of specific details that are hidden from the eyes of the consumer.

Types of blocks

Wall Mounted


The wall-mounted indoor unit is the most popular among all varieties. It is compact enough not to take up much space, and it is installed on the wall, saving useful space on the floor.

However, this is not its most important advantage. Being actually under the ceiling, the wall unit supplies cold streams from above, thereby ensuring proper air circulation in the room. A room with a wall unit has a more comfortable microclimate than a floor unit.

Manufacturers produce a huge number of split systems with wall units. The choice of such devices is the largest, which means that you can easily find an air conditioner in the price-quality ratio. You can also choose the most aesthetic option that best fits into your interior.

Most often, wall units are installed in apartments, country houses and small offices. They are not intended for use in large rooms with high traffic: in cafes, shops, shopping centers, etc., because their power is not enough for high-quality air cooling in such rooms.


installation of the cassette air conditioner

Cassette indoor units are widely used in office spaces, as they have the dimensions of a standard ceiling panel-60×60 cm. At the same time, only a small part of the air conditioner remains visible. All communications are hidden under the ceiling. This air conditioner does not take up space on the floor or on the wall.

At the same time, it is powerful and efficient enough to cool huge rooms. However, this option is suitable only in rooms with high ceilings-from 3 meters, since the ceiling, together with all communications, takes about 30-50 cm.


channel indoor unit

The channel unit can be installed either under the ceiling, or in specially designed niches in the walls or under the raised floor. Recently, ducted air conditioners have gained particular popularity, despite the complexity and duration of installation, as well as the higher cost compared to other types of indoor units.

They are compact, efficient and aesthetic. They can be mounted in such a way that they will be almost invisible in the interior. Sometimes this factor is especially critical, especially if the interior is in a strict classical style, which does not involve the presence of modern household appliances.

Ducted air conditioners are often installed in large offices, shops and restaurants. This is an excellent choice for a large apartment. But you need to take into account the cost of installation.


If you buy a split system, you can not do without an indoor unit. It is necessary for the intake of heat from the room and the supply of cold air. There are different types of indoor units. Choose based on the aesthetic and material possibilities. Most often, buyers prefer wall units, because they look aesthetically pleasing and do not take up useful space.

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