Independent dismantling of the air conditioner without loss of freon

Independent dismantling of the air conditioner without loss of freon

The operation and installation of an air conditioner are two of the most important topics that concern both masters and users. But the topic of dismantling is no less important. Usually, such work is done by professionals, but many home craftsmen are also interested in this issue.

If the device is out of order and its further operation is not planned, you can dismantle the air conditioning system without saving the refrigerant. But if you want to move the air conditioner to another place, it is necessary to dismantle the air conditioner with the preservation of freon.

In this article, we will tell you in detail how to properly dismantle the air conditioner, while preserving the entire refrigerating agent. It is quite possible to dismantle the split system with your own hands, but it is important to take into account some nuances. Everyone can perform the dismantling of the outdoor unit of the air conditioner and the indoor unit. But for the correct preservation of freon, you really need to try.

General information

air conditioner blows weakly

There are many types of coolers: monoblocks, split systems, channel, cassette and others.

Dismantling of the monoblock will not take much time and will not require additional specific knowledge, since in this type of air conditioner all components (including freon) are located in a single housing. For complete disassembly, it is enough to disconnect the air duct and simply move the device to the right place.

Dismantling a cassette air conditioner (or other types of so-called office air conditioners) will require a certain professionalism from you. It is better to entrust such work to a master with experience. In addition, such devices are rarely found in apartments and it is unlikely that such an air conditioner is installed in your house.

But we will just talk about split systems in this article. Split is the most common type of household air conditioner. It is installed in many apartments.

The best way to dismantle

How to dismantle the air conditioner with your own hands? There are several main ways:

  • Rough dismantling with the release of the refrigerating agent into the atmosphere;

  • With the preservation of freon for later use.

The first method is easier, faster and cheaper. But it is suitable only if the device is planned to be disposed of. If you want to remove the air conditioner and then install it in another place, it is recommended to save freon.

Dismantling with the preservation of the refrigerant is not an easy and troublesome task. Such work should be entrusted to a professional. But if you are confident in your abilities, you can try to remove the air conditioner yourself.

Preparatory stage

Before dismantling the split system, it is necessary to prepare a set of tools. Some of them will be found in every house, and some will have to be bought or rented:

  • A set of flat and cross-shaped screwdrivers, as well as wrenches and hex keys;

  • Knife;

  • Felt-tip pen;

  • Pressure gauge;

  • Duct tape or masking tape.

Please note

what to do if the outdoor unit is buzzing

The most important stage is the preservation of the refrigerating agent. It is necessary to completely collect the freon in the outdoor unit, there the refrigerant will remain in the proper amount and it can be used when re-installing the split system.

How to pump freon into the outdoor unit? Follow the simple instructions:

  1. Turn on the cooling mode, set the minimum possible temperature. If the air conditioner has a turbo mode, do not forget to turn it on as well. With such settings, the compressor will work at full capacity, and this is exactly what we need;

  2. The hose from the pressure gauge must be connected to the service fitting located on the outdoor unit. After connecting, you will instantly be able to track the pressure parameter on the pressure gauge;

  3. there are nuts on the end of each fitting, they need to be unscrewed. There you will also see the valves that need to be adjusted using a hexagon. Completely close the valve on the thinner tube to block the line with liquid freon;

  4. Follow the readings on the pressure gauge. The arrow should show 0, or go slightly into the minus. At this time, it is necessary to close the second valve and turn off the device using the remote control. The work should be done quickly, so use the help of a partner, if necessary.

If you did everything correctly, it means that the freon has successfully passed into the outdoor unit and it can be used later. Now let’s figure out how to properly remove the external and internal blocks.

Removing the split step by step

Block outside

external unit hums

Dismantling the external unit of the air conditioner is a difficult and dangerous task. At home, it is not recommended to dismantle it yourself if the outdoor unit of the air conditioner is installed at a height of more than two or three meters from ground level.

If you are confident in your abilities, read the instructions on how to disconnect the outdoor unit:

  1. Use a wrench to unscrew the fasteners connecting the fittings and copper tubes. Gently bend them to the side. Close all the holes with a paint tape so that dust and dirt do not get into them. Also, in the outdoor unit, you can not remove the tubes, but simply bite them off and flatten the ends;

  2. Next, you need to disconnect the outdoor unit from the power supply. Find the cover covering the terminals on the unit. Before disconnecting the wires, stick a masking tape on top and sign the connection sequence so that in the future you do not have to remember and puzzle over where to connect the cables. Disconnect all the wires;

  3. Unscrew the mount connecting the outdoor unit and the bracket that is fixed on the facade. Usually there are several nuts around the perimeter of the frame. Carefully remove the unit from the bracket.

Disabling old external units for transfer to another location (when moving or selling) is fraught with life-threatening risks. we strongly do not recommend performing high-altitude work if you are not a professional in this business!

We have sorted out the topic of dismantling the outdoor unit of the air conditioner. Let’s move on to the internal block.

Block inside

Self-dismantling of the split system

On the outdoor unit, removing the air conditioner with your own hands does not end. It is also necessary to dismantle the indoor unit. This work can be done at home and even alone, but it is better to still use the help of a partner. The removal of the block begins with its disconnection from all communications. In most split systems, all communications are connected to the unit in one place.

Check whether there are latches at the bottom of the block. Snap them off, carefully move the block away from the wall and try to pick up a bunch of communications and extract it outside. If there are no latches, you need to remove the entire front plastic panel and try to find communications.

  1. Unscrew the cap nuts using two wrenches. Close the opened ends of the tubes with a paint tape to protect them from dust and dirt. Or the tubes can be cut off and their ends can be flattened;

  2. Find the place where the drain pipe and the drain pan connect. Carefully cut off the tube. It is not necessary to do this in a randomly selected place. Otherwise, it will be more difficult to connect them together later when re-installing the air conditioner;

  3. Disconnect the power supply and all electrical wires. Pre-stick a masking tape on top and sign the sequence of cable connections, so that it will be more convenient for you to mount the device in a new place later;

  4. After disconnecting the communications, carefully remove the unit from the wall by snapping the remaining latches or unscrewing the fasteners. It is better to shoot the block together, it is more difficult to do this work alone;

  5. Remove the mounting plate from the wall.

Please note

Please note that there is a drainage tray inside the home air conditioner, which may be overflowing. It must be carefully removed and cleaned so that it is possible to put the device in another place later and not waste time on additional cleaning.

Now try to put all the parts together on the floor so that the block is easier to transport and install in a new place. Do not forget to fix the unit on the mounting plate, after removing it from the wall. Fix all moving parts with a masking tape.

Now it remains to remove the interblock communications remaining in the wall. Proceed carefully, try not to damage the copper tubes. If the communications are hidden behind a layer of plaster and there is no desire to spoil the repair, you can leave this idea. But in a new place, we will have to re-lay communications.

Now you know how to remove the split system from the wall, while preserving the refrigerating agent. we hope this material was useful for you.


Dismantling and installing an air conditioner are two of the most important topics that we often touch on on the pages of our website. This article is devoted to a pressing issue: how to remove the air conditioner yourself without losing freon? This is quite possible if you know the specifics of the work.

You can dismantle air conditioners without preserving the refrigerant, but this is justified only if there are no plans for further operation of the device. In all other cases, it is better to dismantle the air conditioner with the preservation of freon. In this case, it will be possible to move the air conditioner to another room and successfully install it there.

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