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How to turn on the LG air conditioner for heat? All methods

Many split systems from the LG have a built-in air heating function. It is not surprising that with the onset of the first cold weather, users ask how to turn on the air conditioner for heat. This article is a short guide that will help you turn on the heating and enjoy the long-awaited warmth.

Turning on the air heating mode

To configure it, you will need a remote control. It is usually supplied with the device.

Turn on the air conditioner by pressing the «On/Off» button. Next, click on the «HEAT» button. If this button is not present on your remote control, press » MODE «until the sun icon or «HEAT» appears on the display of the remote control.

Use the «+» and «–» buttons to adjust the temperature. After 10-15 minutes, you will feel a palpable warmth.

That’s it, the setup is over! Now you know how to set the LG air conditioner to the air heating mode.

Setup without remote control

emergency activation of the air conditioner

Did you know that you can turn on the heating mode on the air conditioner without using the remote control? Of course, this method should not be used on a permanent basis, but in an emergency situation it can be very useful.

To turn on the heat on the air conditioner without using the remote control, open the decorative cover of the wall unit and find a small button in the lower right part of the air conditioner. Usually it is recessed inside the case, you will need a thin object to press it.

This button works sequentially. Each time you press it, one of the preset modes (auto, cold, heat) will turn on. The sequence of switching modes is unknown, so you will have to experiment to turn on the heating.

Press the button once and wait for 10 minutes. After this time, you will feel what mode is set on the air conditioner. If you are not satisfied with it, click the button again and wait again. Press until you find the optimal operating mode.

Please note

Now that you know how to set up your air conditioner, pay attention to the following operating rules:

  • Do not use the heating mode when the air temperature is below zero degrees. Operation at sub-zero temperatures is possible only if your air conditioner is equipped with the so-called » winter kit»;

  • Perform regular maintenance of the air conditioner. Ask the master to monitor the amount of freon and refuel if necessary. In the absence of a sufficient amount of freon, the split system will not be able to operate in heating mode;

  • Pay attention to extraneous sounds and odors coming from the air conditioner. Do not operate the device if you smell something wrong. Call a specialist to find out the true cause of the split system malfunction.


In this article, we briefly explained how to turn on the warm air on your split system using various methods. When operating the air conditioner for heating, pay attention to indirect signs that signal a malfunction of the air conditioning system. Good luck!

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