How do I remove the lock from the air conditioner remote control

How to turn on the air conditioner in the cooling mode?

After the purchase and installation of the air conditioner, the most important stage comes — setting up the operating modes. At this stage, many consumers have difficulties. And the thought may creep into your head: «Shouldn’t I change this device to a simpler model?».

Our answer: no, you shouldn’t! After spending a little time, you can easily understand the operating modes and their settings. In this article, we will tell you in detail how to turn on air conditioner in the cooling mode and what nuances need to be taken into account.

General information

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A modern split system can not only cool, but also heat, ventilate and dehumidify the air. In this article, we will only talk about the cooling mode, and we will devote separate articles to the other modes.

The operating modes can be controlled from the remote control that comes with the kit. To understand the settings, you first need to understand what this or that button means:

  • On/off — is responsible for turning the air conditioner on and off.
  • Mode» or Cool or the snowflake icon-is responsible for selecting the operating mode.
  • Swing — is responsible for adjusting the position of the curtains that direct the air flow.
  • Fan — responsible for ventilation.
  • Temp or + / —  or arrow icons-are responsible for changing the temperature.

There are also additional buttons. For example, «Lock» (responsible for blocking knobs from accidental pressing), «Timer» (responsible for setting the timer) , etc.

We think it is not necessary to explain how to switch these or other buttons. But let’s take a closer look at the cooling mode, because it is not so simple.

How to enable cooling mode

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How to set up air conditioners for the cooling mode using the remote control:

  1. Click on the » On » button. The air conditioner should turn on. You will hear a distinctive beep sound;

  2. Find the «Cool» button or the button with the snowflake icon. Click on it;

  3. If these buttons are missing, press «Mode» and pay attention to the display on the remote control or on the air conditioner body. When the button is pressed, the display should display «Cool» or the snowflake icon.;

  4. Use the «+» and «-» buttons to adjust the temperature. Buttons with arrow icons may also be suitable;

  5. Press the «Swing» button to adjust the air flow. When pressed, the blinds will start to move. As soon as you feel that you are satisfied with the direction of the air flow, press the button again. The blinds will stop moving and lock in the selected position.

Please note! The operating modes do not change instantly. The air conditioner needs a certain amount of time to cool the air in the room. Usually 10-15 minutes is enough. If after 15 minutes the coolness has not appeared, it means that you made a mistake when setting up the operating mode.

Features of using the remote control

Sometimes customers can not configure the split system for the cold for one simple reason — the remote control is used incorrectly. First of all, install new batteries in it. If you do not use the air conditioner for months, it is better to remove the batteries from the remote control and insert them only before using it.

Do not drop the remote control on hard surfaces, do not fill it with water or drinks, and treat it carefully. Do not adjust the air conditioner from the other end of the room or from the next room. And do not turn on the air conditioner with an open window, otherwise you will reduce its efficiency and increase energy consumption.


Now you know how to turn on the air conditioner for the cooling mode. Manufacturers have done everything possible to make it convenient for customers to adjust the temperature on the air conditioners. But the inscriptions in English on the remote control of the air conditioner can lead to a stupor, and the inclusion of various modes is not always as clear as we would like. Remember that the air conditioner often shows the selected mode on the display, and you can always use the instructions. Good luck!

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