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How to turn on the air conditioner for heating mode?

So, you managed to purchase and install an air conditioner in your apartment or office. If the window is overcast in the off-season, and besides, your air conditioner is equipped with a heating function, then why not treat yourself to warm air? In many models, it is possible to supply warm air at a given speed.

But here’s the problem. You can’t turn on the heat mode in any way, and the instructions were lost during transportation. Do not despair! In this article, we will tell you in detail how to turn on air conditioners for heat and how to properly operate the remote control.

General information

The air conditioner comes with a remote control that you need to use to set up the device.

Button designations on the remote control:

  • On/off — is responsible for turning the air conditioner on and off.

  • Mode or Heat or the sun icon-answers to turn on the heating

  • Swing — is responsible for adjusting the position of the curtains that direct the air flow.

  • Fan — responsible for ventilation.

  • Temp or + / —  or arrow icons-are responsible for changing the temperature.

There are also additional buttons. For example, «Lock» (responsible for blocking buttons from accidental pressing), «Timer» (responsible for setting the timer), and so on.

heating кондиционером

Now let’s go to the instructions on how to turn on the warm air on the household air conditioner. Enabling this mode of operation may differ from model to model.

How to turn on the air heating mode

It is easy to turn on the air conditioners for heating. Use the remote control that comes with the air conditioner and follow the simple instructions:

  1. Turn on the split system. To do this, click the «On» button. If the machine turns on, you will hear a distinctive beep;

  2. Click on the «Heat» button or on the button with the sun icon;

  3. If these buttons are missing, press «Mode» and pay attention to the display on the remote control or on the air conditioner body. When you press the button, the display should display the inscription «Heat» or the icon of the sun;

  4. Use the «+» and «-» buttons to adjust the temperature. If these buttons are not present, use the buttons with the arrow icons;

  5. Congratulations! You managed to switch the air conditioner to heat mode. Now adjust the air flow using the «Swing» button. Tap it once and wait for a few seconds. As soon as you feel that you are satisfied with the direction of the air flow, press the button again to fix the position of the air conditioner curtains.

Please note! The air conditioner needs a certain amount of time to heat the air. Usually 10-15 minutes is enough. If after this time the heat has not appeared, it means that you made a mistake when setting up. Read this article again to better understand how to set the air conditioners to warm mode.

Recommendations for using the remote control

Turning on the air conditioner for heating is still half the job. In order for the device to serve you faithfully, you need to use the remote control correctly. Otherwise, you will have to manage the operating modes while standing on a stool under the wall unit of the air conditioner.

First of all, put new batteries in the remote control. They are usually included, but if you do not have them, you should not take out the batteries from other devices and insert them into the remote control. Buy new batteries and use them.

universal remote control as настроить

Treat the remote control carefully, do not drop it on the floor or other hard surfaces, do not fill it with water or other liquids. Do not try to adjust the air conditioner to heat while you are at the other end of the room or even in the next room. Come closer to the device, point the remote control at the wall unit and adjust it this way.


In many modern devices, the operating modes of the air conditioner for cold and heating are provided. The heating mode on air conditioners is especially useful in early autumn or late spring, when it is still cold outside, but there is no heating.

In this article, we have described in detail how to switch air conditioners to warm air and how to use the remote control correctly. You can independently configure the air conditioner for heat by reading this material and watching the video below. If you have already had experience using the devices, share your experience on how to turn on hot air on air conditioners. Good luck!

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