Mitsubishi air conditioner

How to turn on and configure the Mitsubishi air conditioner?

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries is one of the leading companies in the market of air conditioning systems. Customers are willing to trust this brand, because they are confident in the quality and reliability of products. But to fully reveal the advantages of Mitsubishi air conditioners, it is important to study the operating instructions. It is presented in our material.

Before you start setting up the air conditioner

Install the batteries

Install the batteries using the operating instructions of the battery compartment. Make sure that the polarity is correct!

Do not use old or leaking batteries, or batteries with a leak. Replace the batteries every six months. After replacing the batteries, turn on the air conditioner (ON/OFF button on the remote control) and use a thin object to press the RESET button. After that, you can start setting up the device.

Getting started with the setup

SG10A Remote Control - Mitsubishi Electric

First turn on

To turn on the air conditioner, point the remote control towards the wall unit and press the ON/OFF button. To turn off the machine, press the button again.

Select the operating mode

If you do not want to understand the subtleties of setting up the air conditioner, use the automatic mode. Press the MODE button one at a time until I FEEL appears on the remote control display. Set the temperature (press the up and down buttons).

If you are not satisfied with the automatic mode, select one of the preset ones. Each time you press the MODE button, one of the modes will turn on:

mitsubishi operating modes

You will see this information on the display of the remote control. After setting the mode, adjust the temperature (use the up and down buttons).

Setting up additional parameters

Adjust the ventilation speed by pressing the FAN button one at a time. The speed will increase with each click: Auto → Low → Medium → High → Very high.

Press the WIDE VANE and VANE buttons to adjust the air flow direction. Each time you click, the direction will change.

If the air does not reach a certain part of the room, turn on the LONG function to increase the length of the air flow. To disable this mode, press the button again. The function does not work in the ECONO COOL and FAN mode.

Turn on the intensive mode (POWERFUL button) to cool the air faster. The function only works in cooling mode. Intensive mode is automatically turned off after 15 minutes of use, as well as when you press the FAN, ECONO COOL and ON/OFF buttons.

Use the ECONO COOL button to enable energy saving (only works in cooling mode). Press the button again to turn off the save mode.

Without remote control

Mitsubishi Electric devices can be turned on not only from the remote control, but also with the help of the so-called emergency button. Emergency mode operating instructions:

  • Remove the decorative panel from the wall unit;

  • In the lower right part of the case, find a small button (the area where the button is located is indicated in yellow in image) and click on it;

  • After the first press, the cooling mode will turn on!

аварийный режим митсубиси
We do not recommend using this method on a permanent basis!


Now you know how to use Mitsubishi Electric air conditioners. The device is supplied with a detailed instruction manual in Russian. But if it is lost, use our material. It will help you when you first turn on and configure the device. Good luck!

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