How does the remote control from the air conditioner work?

How to turn on and configure the Electrolux air conditioner

The Electrolux brand has long established itself as one of the best modern air conditioning systems for home and office on the market. In their assortment there are both wall and floor air conditioners, you can choose the best option.

But to discover all the advantages of this brand of air conditioners, they need to be properly configured. The manual is included with the Electrolux devices, but it is not always at hand.

We will explain in detail how to turn on Electrolux air conditioners and how to configure them correctly. Of course, some settings may differ depending on the model of the device, but the principle is the same everywhere. Once you understand it, you can set up any split system.

What do the buttons mean? In detail

Electrolux remote control

ON/OFF. Responsible for turning the air conditioner on/off. When you press the button once, the device emits a characteristic signal and the LED lights up on its body, and all important information is displayed on the display of the remote control. If you press it again, the device turns off.

MODE. Responsible for selecting the operating mode. The air conditioner can be equipped with one mode (cooling «COOL») or two modes (cooling «COOL» and heating «HEAT»). There is also a «AUTO» button, which is responsible for automatically selecting the mode.

DRY Responsible for selecting the dehumidification mode. A particularly useful feature if you live in a region with high humidity.

FAN. The air ventilation mode can be adjusted by pressing the «up» and «down» buttons. The fan speed is low, medium, or high. When you press the «AUTO FAN» button, you can select the automatic fan setting.

«▲» and «▼» These are the adjustment buttons that are responsible for increasing/decreasing the temperature, fan speed, setting the timer time, and other parameters. You can trust the air conditioner to select the temperature by turning on the «AUTO» button (not to be confused with the «AUTO FAN»button).

SLEEP It is responsible for the so-called night mode of operation. After pressing the button, the noise level of the air conditioner is reduced. Especially useful in the nursery, bedroom or study. If you press it again, the night mode is disabled.

PLEASE NOTE! Night mode is not available in «AUTO» and «FAN» mode.

LOCK Responsible for setting up the clock. Not to be confused with a timer! It’s just a time display, like on a regular watch.

X-FAN This function is responsible for purging the evaporator, necessary to remove bacteria from the inside of the air conditioner, where they accumulate naturally. Not to be confused with the » FAN » mode.

TURBO The «turbo» function is useful if you need to cool/heat the air faster than in normal mode.

LIGHT. It is responsible for turning on/off the lighting on the wall unit of the air conditioner. Especially useful at night, if the LED prevents you from falling asleep.

TIMER ON, TIMER OFF or * *TIMER*** Responsible for setting the timer. It is regulated by the buttons » up » and «down». To turn on the timer, press the «TIMER ON» or «TIMER» button. To turn it off, press «TIMER ON» or «TIMER» again, or press «TIMER OFF» once.

SWING Responsible for adjusting the position of the blinds. With a single push, the blinds in the wall unit of the air conditioner begin to move up and down. When pressed again, the blinds will lock in the position they were in when the button was pressed. In this way, you can adjust the direction of the air flow.

PLEASE NOTE! In some models, it is necessary not only to press the button, but also to hold it for 2-5 seconds, so that the blinds start moving or stop.

Basic set up of the air conditioner

Setting up the Electrolux air conditioner

Take the remote control and follow the simple instructions:

  1. Connect the air conditioner to the mains and press the «ON/OFF» button on the remote control;

  2. Use the «MODE» button to select the cooling mode («COOL» will appear on the remote control display) or the air heating mode («HEAT» will appear on the remote control display»;

  3. Adjust the temperature by pressing the buttons with the icons «▲» and «▼». In some models of Electrolux devices, the temperature is set using the «+» and «-»buttons. You can also use the automatic temperature selection mode by pressing the «AUTO» button .»;

  4. Press the » FAN » button to turn on the fan. Set the fan rotation mode: low speed ▂, medium ▂ ▃, high ▂▃▅. You can also set the automatic mode by clicking on the «AUTO FAN» button .»;

  5. Use the «SWING» button to adjust the position of the blinds;

  6. Click on the «SLEEP» button to turn on the night mode, if necessary;

  7. Press the «TURBO» button to turn on the accelerated cooling or heating mode, if necessary;

  8. Turn on or off the light on the wall unit of the air conditioner by pressing the «LIGHT» button .»;

  9. Set the timer by turning on the «TIMER ON» or «TIMER» button. After pressing it, you will be able to set the time. Adjust the time by pressing the buttons with the icons » up » or «down». To turn off the timer, press the «TIMER ON», «TIMER OFF» or «TIMER» button.

These are the basic settings that are necessary for most users. We talked about the other buttons earlier, you can use them if necessary.


We talked in detail about what the various buttons on the remote control mean and how to make a basic setup of the device. This is not as difficult as it may seem at first glance. Follow our simple instructions. Good luck!

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