How does the remote control from the air conditioner work?

How to set up the Haier air conditioner yourself?

The instructions for the air conditioner are irretrievably lost during transportation, but you need to quickly and easily set up a split system from the Haier brand? Take advantage of our short article. In the first part, we will talk about all the buttons on the remote control, and in the second part we will give clear instructions on how to set up the air conditioner.

Learn more about buttons

  • ON/OFF

It is easy to guess that this button is responsible for turning on/off the air conditioner. Tap once to turn it on, and a second time to turn it off;

  • COOL

Button for quick activation of the air cooling mode;

  • HEAT

Button for quick activation of the air heating mode;

  • DRY

Dehumidification quick switch button;

  • Button with fan image

It is responsible for enabling and configuring the air ventilation mode. Do not confuse ventilation and ventilation! We talked about ventilation in detail in the article below;

  • ▲ and ▼

Each time you press one of these buttons, the temperature increases or decreases by 1 degree;


A button designed to adjust the angle of the blinds located in the housing of the wall unit. They are responsible for adjusting the direction of the air flow. Press the button once to make the blinds start moving, and a second time to lock them in their position.;

  • AUTO

Automatic selection of the operating mode;


Two buttons that are responsible for setting the timer on and off the air conditioner, respectively;


Enabling / disabling air purification;


Deleting all previously set settings;

  • LOCK

Blocking all buttons from being accidentally pressed. Useful if there are small children in the house;


Turn on / off the backlight on the wall unit.

Basic configuration of the air conditioner


If you do not want to understand the technical details of the air conditioner, use our simple instructions for a quick basic setup. This solution is suitable for most users:

  1. Plug the AC plug into the wall outlet, point the remote control at the wall unit, and press the «ON/OFF» button. You should see a flashing green LED on the air conditioner housing, and you should also hear a beep. This means that the device is working properly and ready for operation;

  2. Select the operating mode by pressing one of the buttons: COOL, HEAT, DRY;

  3. Use the up and down buttons to set the desired temperature;

  4. If necessary, adjust the ventilation speed by pressing the button with the fan image. Each time you tap the speed will increase;

  5. Press the «SWING» button to adjust the position of the blinds responsible for adjusting the direction of air flow. After pressing the button, the blinds will start moving, and when pressed again, they will lock in their position;

  6. If you want to enable additional functions, study the purpose of the other buttons in the first part of the article. There we talk in detail about all the modes and their settings.

We hope this article was useful for you. In the comments below, you can share your experience setting up a split system. Your tips and recommendations will be useful for many readers of our site. Good luck!

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