How to set up the air conditioner? Instruction manual

After buying and installing a split system, you will often face the need to configure the air conditioner. Unfortunately, not every device is equipped with the I FEEL mode or other features of intelligent selection of settings. Therefore, you will have to manually adjust the operation of the air conditioner.

In this article, we will tell you how to set up an air conditioner without help, if there was no manual at hand, and what you should pay attention to, so as not to waste a lot of time and effort.

Quick setup guide

Using the remote control

Royal Clima air conditioner

If you do not have time to delve into the subtleties of setting up air conditioning systems, use our simple instructions. It is suitable for most unpretentious users.

Point the remote control towards the wall unit and press the «ON/OFF» button. If the air conditioner is working properly, it will beep, and a green LED will light up on its body.

Most air conditioners, after switching on, automatically set the temperature to +25 degrees and the air cooling mode. If you are satisfied with these parameters, then the configuration is complete.

By the way! The choice of temperature does not depend on the power of the air conditioner. But the weather outside the window is very really important: do not turn on the device at 30 degrees of heat, if the window is hot summer.

Do you want to make a more detailed adjustment? You can increase or decrease the temperature by pressing the ┿/— or the up / down buttons. And with the «MODE» button, you can select a different operating mode. Let’s look at this in more detail.

The «MODE» button is responsible for switching the preset operating modes and works sequentially. I.e., each time you press it, one of the modes turns on. Their sequence may differ depending on the manufacturer, but it often looks like this: automatic mode (AUTO) → cooling (COOL or snowflake icon) → dehumidification (DRY) → heating (HEAT or sun icon) → ventilation (FAN or fan icon).

What’s after?

After each press of the «MODE» button, you will see how the operating modes change on the display of the remote control. They are indicated by an inscription or pictogram, which we discussed above.

On some remote controls, the cooling and heating modes are placed on separate buttons (COOL and HEAT, respectively), which simplifies and speeds up the adjustment.

Also included in the basic setting is the adjustment of the air flow direction. If you feel that the air conditioner is blowing in your face or in your feet, press the «SWING» button. You will see how the «blinds» at the wall unit will start moving after pressing, and at the same time you will feel a change in the air flow. Press the button again when you are satisfied with the «blinds» position. They will lock in their position.

Using the emergency power button

Each air conditioner is equipped with an emergency power button. It is not necessary to use it on a permanent basis, because it is an emergency. But if you are in a hotel where the remote control is irretrievably lost, you can use this method.

Remove the decorative cover from the wall unit of the air conditioner. It is attached to the unit with special latches that can be opened manually. In some cases, the cover can be screwed on with screws.

After removing the cover, carefully inspect the lower right side of the unit. You should find a small button with no visible symbols. Often it is sunk inside, to press it you will need a thin solid object.

turning on the air conditioner without remote control

Did you find the button? Great! Now you will have to stock up on time and patience. Press the button 1 time. If the air conditioner is working properly, it will beep. Wait for some time (usually no more than 10 minutes) to literally feel what mode of operation is currently set.

Most air conditioners turn on automatic mode after pressing the emergency button. But in some devices, you can separately turn on the cooling or heating, if you press the button again, according to the principle of the «MODE» button, which we talked about earlier.

If after the first press you feel that the set mode does not suit you, press the button again and wait again for the device to start working at full capacity. Experiment until you find the optimal settings.

Unfortunately, other parameters cannot be adjusted using the emergency button. You can only turn on and select the operating mode, the device automatically selects the other parameters.

Additional configuration

fan mode in the air conditioner

Above, we talked about the basic setup. It will meet the requirements of the majority, but fastidious users can get acquainted with additional features. Their list and names may differ depending on the manufacturer. Configuration is carried out using the remote control:

  • FAN SPEED — adjust the ventilation speed in » FAN » mode. After each click of the «FAN SPEED» button, the speed will increase in the following sequence: LOW → MEDIUM → HIGH → AUTO. Information about the selected speed is displayed on the remote control.

  • SLEEP — Night mode. The air temperature automatically drops by a few degrees, and by morning it returns to its original parameters. According to the manufacturers, in such conditions, the quality of sleep improves. Also, in the «SLEEP» mode, the air conditioner makes less noise. Press the button 1 time to turn the function on, and a second time to turn it off.

  • TURBO or POWERFUL — Intensive operation mode. After pressing the button, cooling or heating will be significantly faster. Press the button 1 time to turn the function on, and a second time to turn it off.

  • TIMER — Timer setting. In each air conditioner, this function can be implemented in different ways. 

  • LIGHT — illumination on the wall unit. By default, it is always on, which can cause discomfort if the air conditioner is installed in the bedroom. Press the button once to turn off the backlight, and a second time to turn it on.


  • CLEAN — cleaning the internal components of the split system from excess moisture. In fact, it does not work effectively enough, in any case, additional maintenance and manual drainage of condensate will be required.

  • PLASMA or HEALTH — mode of additional air purification from germs and allergens. Press the button 1 time to turn the function on, and a second time to turn it off.

  • I-FEEL — intelligent operation mode, in which the temperature is adjusted more accurately than in the standard automatic mode. A useful feature for those who do not want to adjust the temperature manually. Press the button 1 time to turn the function on, and a second time to turn it off.

  • SET — saves previously set settings. In most cases, you need to click on it after adjusting the timer settings.

  • LOCK — locks the remote control buttons against accidental pressing. Master hev is for those who have small children or active pets. Press the button 1 time to turn the function on, and a second time to turn it off.

  • RESET — resets all previously set settings. This button is usually very small in size or is recessed into the remote control body so that you don’t accidentally press it.


In this article, we tried to briefly describe how to properly configure your air conditioner. The parameters can be it can be adjusted both by using the remote control and by using the emergency power button located on the wall unit housing. If you still have any questions, feel free to ask them in the comments below. Good luck!

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