How to set up air conditioning in a hotel

How to set up air conditioning in a hotel

Air conditioners have long been an integral part of a comfortable stay. They can not only cool, but also heat, purify and ionize the air. In many hotels, even the most budget, you can find air conditioning. But not everyone knows how to use it correctly.

In this article, we will briefly explain how to turn on the air conditioner in a hotel, depending on its type and characteristic features. You will learn about some important nuances, without which it is impossible to properly configure the air conditioner.

Types of air conditioners

There are several types of air conditioners that can be found in hotels. Let’s talk in detail about each of them.

Window air conditioner

Window air conditionerAs it is easy to guess from the name, such devices are installed directly in the window opening. They look like a small plastic box. The control can be located on the housing. The device can also be controlled by a remote control.

Wall-mounted or ceiling-mounted air conditioner

Wall-mounted conditionerThis is the most common type of air conditioning for many, it can be found in many apartments. Installed directly on the wall or under the ceiling. Controlled by the remote control.

Cassette air conditioner

Cassette air conditionerIt is also one of the most popular split system options in hotels. It is built into the suspended ceiling. Often, the control is located on the wall at the level of the light switch. It can also be controlled by a remote control.

Portable air conditioning

Portable air conditioningIt can be easily recognized by the corrugated pipe that goes directly into the window opening. Often, the control is located directly on the body, as in the case of a window device. Sometimes there is a remote control.

All air conditioners can work on cooling. Some models are also equipped with heating and air purification functions.

How to turn on the air conditioner?

включение кондиционера на обогревNow let’s move on to the most important thing — how to use the air conditioning in the hotel. First of all, you need to find the remote control. It is similar to a smaller TV remote and with fewer buttons.

If there is no remote control, inspect the walls, perhaps somewhere there is a controller for the operation of the air conditioner. Also inspect the housing of the device, if it is window or floor-mounted. They are often equipped with control buttons.

Press the «Power» or «ON/OFF» button. It is responsible for turning the device on and off. After pressing the button, you should hear a beep or see the light on the air conditioner housing light up. Most likely, after turning on the air conditioner will automatically start working in the mode that was set before you by the previous guest.

How to set up the air conditioner?

imgThe air conditioner is on, but you are not satisfied with the settings? You can adjust them yourself. Start with the operating mode. Choose what you want to do: cool the air or heat it.

In different models of air conditioning, different buttons are responsible for these functions. Somewhere there are buttons labeled «COOL» and «HEAT». Somewhere the buttons are marked with snowflake and sun icons. If there is neither, then there is probably a «MODE»button.

Click on it once and wait for 5-10 minutes. If the air conditioner supplies cold air, try pressing the button twice. Usually in such cases, the device turns on the supply of warm air. You can only understand this by waiting for a certain amount of time. The air conditioner is not able to instantly change the operating mode.

After selecting the mode, adjust the temperature. The display will show the currently set temperature. Click on the «+ / — » or arrow icon buttons to set the desired settings.

If you want to reset all your settings, click the «RESET» button. If you want to reset only the last setting, click «CANCEL». If the air conditioner has an air purification function, you can turn it on using the «CLEAN» or «CLEAN AIR» buttons.

Please note that the setting may vary depending on the model of the air conditioner. Also not in all the devices have heating and air purification modes. If you speak English, you will most likely be able to set up the device yourself. Sometimes there are instructions in the hotel rooms. Please contact the hotel staff if you are unable to adjust the air conditioning yourself.


Now you know how to set up an air conditioner while staying in a hotel. Of course, the configuration method may differ depending on the model of the device and its variety. But it is often enough to follow the simple recommendations from this article to set the desired mode of operation.

If you have previously encountered incomprehensible air conditioners in hotels, share your experience. Tell us how you set up the device. Give some advice to travelers. Good luck!

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