How to refuel a mobile air conditioner

How to refuel a mobile air conditioner

Mobile air conditioners do not lose their popularity in the market, despite the presence of more modern split systems. However, any, even the most advanced air conditioning system, may need to be refueled due to freon leaks. And mobile air conditioning is no exception.

In this article, we will tell you when to fill up a mobile air conditioner. It is not necessary to carry out such work if you do not have the appropriate experience and skills. Otherwise, you risk getting a faulty air conditioner, which you will spend more money on repairing than on the original refueling.

Signs of freon leakage

In what cases is it necessary to refuel the mobile air conditioner? Here are a few reasons:

  • Slow cooling speed;

  • Extraneous noise in the body of the device;

  • Increased power consumption during operation;

  • Icing of the air conditioner or air duct.

Important information

Mobile air conditioners are refueled directly at the factory and are not equipped with the ability to refuel by default. The system is completely sealed to avoid freon leaks. However, despite these measures, leaks are possible due to natural wear of the device or poor-quality assembly in production.

refueling the mobile air conditioner

The device can be refueled by first soldering the Schrader valve into the device body. Through it, the freon will be drained and refueled. And it will have to be drained, because partial refueling is impossible. Especially if you use freon type R407C.

The procedure for refueling with freon is better to entrust to specialists. Contrary to the recommendations on the Internet, we do not recommend carrying out such work without having professional experience.

Refueling stages

Before you start refueling, you need to clean the air conditioner. Remove the dust with a soft, damp cloth and a vacuum cleaner with a narrow nozzle. Also, wash the device using detergents, perform an antibacterial cleaning. Dry all the components of the air conditioner.

Then follow the simple instructions:

  • Do not plug the machine into an outlet;

  • Solder the Schrader valve into the air conditioner and insert the filling cord into it;

  • Attach an empty balloon. Drain the remaining refrigerating agent from the machine;

  • Attach the freon cylinder and fill the unit with the new refrigerant;

  • Disconnect the cord and seal the machine;

  • Switch the machine to cooling mode and check the quality of operation. There should be no extraneous noise, cooling should be uniform and fast.

Please note! With a lack of experience, we do not recommend refueling the air conditioner with your own hands. Use the help of a specialist.


By default, the mobile air conditioner does not need to be refueled, but over time or due to mistakes made in production, freon leakage may occur. In this case, it is necessary to refuel the device. We do not recommend refueling the floor air conditioner at home, without the appropriate experience. If you have never refueled air conditioners before, entrust this work to a professional. Good luck!

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