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How to properly remove the air conditioner from the wall during the repair? Dismantling with your own hands

Repairs, as you know, never end. Even if you have done all the basic work and exhaled with relief, several years will pass, the new interior will turn into the old one and you will want something new. It is at such moments that a crazy thought about gluing wallpaper or painting walls appears in my head.

But what if there is an indoor unit from the air conditioner hanging on the wall? Is it worth removing it or can it be repaired without dismantling the device? After all, many craftsmen manage to carefully remove the old wallpaper and stick new ones butt-to-butt. Is it really possible?

In this article, we will answer these and many other questions, as well as answer the question of how to remove the indoor air conditioner unit from the wall if necessary.

General information

Self-dismantling of the split system

Do I need to remove the indoor unit of the air conditioner if repairs are planned? The answer to this question depends on your aesthetic requirements, as well as on some technical nuances. For someone, the uneven joint of the wallpaper and the air conditioner is completely invisible, and someone will look at a poorly done job every day and get annoyed.

Let’s analyze a few popular cases and determine in which situations dismantling is mandatory, and in which it is possible to do with temporary removal of the block without disconnecting communications.

Case #1. Wallpapering, wall painting

Let’s say right away, in order to paste the wallpaper beautifully and efficiently, you will have to remove the indoor unit. Of course, you can turn around and try to carefully trim the wallpaper to the size of the block. But, believe me, in most cases it looks ugly.

The most convenient option is a complete dismantling of the indoor unit with disconnection from communications. But such work is difficult to perform independently at home, you will have to call the masters.

If you want to save money, you can paste wallpaper without disconnecting the block from communications. This requires two people. One will remove the indoor unit (without disconnecting communications) and hold it in his hands, and the second will quickly glue new wallpaper at this time.

As for painting, everything is much easier here. The edges of the air conditioner can be sealed with masking tape (and it is better to close the device itself with a film) and paint the walls without any problems. The joint of the air conditioner and the wall can be carefully painted with a brush, and then remove the paint tape. At the same time, no traces will remain.

But here it is important to completely close the indoor unit from possible ingress of paint and dust. Otherwise, then you will hardly wash the snow-white plastic.

Case #2. Plastering of walls

If more dirty and large-scale work is planned during the repair, such as plastering or leveling the walls, the block must be removed completely, disconnecting it from communications. The communications themselves also need to be carefully packed in a film, avoiding dust ingress. Yes, a complete dismantling will not be cheap. But in another way, builders will not be able to plaster the walls.

Case #3. Installation of a stretch ceiling

Here everything depends on the distance between the ceiling and the block, which was left by the installer. When installing a stretch ceiling, the height in the room decreases. In some cases, the air conditioner may interfere, you have to remove it and outweigh it lower. It is impossible to do without a complete dismantling of the air conditioner.

Now let’s move on to the question of how to remove the air conditioner from the wall for a while or completely, disconnecting it from communications.

Temporary removal of the block

How can I move the air conditioner to another place?

The indoor unit is attached to the so-called mounting plate on special clips. The mounting plate is, in fact, a metal base that is screwed to the wall. Then the air conditioner unit is already hung on it.

To remove the air conditioner, you need to snap off the clips. They can be located on the side and/or on the sides of the block. In most cases, the clips are snapped off manually, it is necessary to make a small effort.

If there are no clips at the bottom of the block, but there are two holes, use a thin pointed object. For example, with a screwdriver or a self-tapping screw. Use it to press down on the clips in the holes and remove the block. In this case, dismantling is much more difficult than in the first one, so you may need the help of a partner or a more experienced master.

In some models, the clips are hidden behind a decorative cover. It must be removed and carefully inspect the indoor unit. Most likely, you will notice clips on the edges or at the bottom.

If it is difficult for you to hold the air conditioner unit, use a simple advice: move the cabinet or rack exactly to the location of the unit, while leaving access to the wall, and put the air conditioner on the furniture. However, this method is suitable only for those cases when the length of communications is sufficient.

If you doubt the correctness of your actions, it is better to call the master at home. Unknowingly, you can accidentally break the clips, and then the block will not hold on the mounting plate.

Complete dismantling with disconnection from communications

Installation of the air conditioner at the repair stage

How to remove the split system if a complete dismantling is required? First of all, we do not recommend removing the air conditioner yourself if you do not have the proper skills and experience. You must have a number of specific knowledge to remove the indoor unit carefully without damaging the system.

Unfortunately, without enough practice, you will not even be able to predict possible problems. For high-quality and safe installation, it is not enough to have only one set of tools on hand. Do not forget that the air conditioner runs on freon. And it can be dangerous for your skin and respiratory organs.

It is for this reason that we categorically do not recommend dismantling with your own hands. Entrust this work to professionals. You should not trust a neighbor, an acquaintance, or even a friend if you are not sure of their competence. Inept craftsmen may inadvertently believe your air conditioner, and you will find out about it only after a couple of months of operation. And then the repair will cost a pretty penny.

Believe me, such savings will not bring you anything good. It is better to pay an experienced master once than to give twice as much money later, trying to correct mistakes. Time and nerves are more expensive than any money, any owner of a split system who has encountered problems after dismantling himself will tell you this.


Now you know how to remove the air conditioner from the wall. This is not an easy task, you can not do without a partner. Well, it is still better to entrust the complete dismantling to experienced craftsmen. You should not ask for help from a neighbor, a friend or a self-made person who is ready to do the work for three kopecks. Believe me, such savings do not end well.

It is also worth calling the wizard if you are trying to snap off the clips, but they do not give in in any way. If you overdo it with effort, you can accidentally break the fasteners. And then the external unit will either be removed with great difficulty, or it will break off from the mounting plate and collapse to the floor. And an inept self-dismantling can lead to a leak of freon. In the worst case scenario, this can lead to burns and respiratory problems.

In short, we recommend that many of you think about outside help. The best option is to contact a large service center that values its reputation. As a rule, experienced installers work there, who conclude a contract with the customer. This is very convenient, because in this case you are protected from unscrupulous employees who can appear in any company.

Any other questions? Ask them in the comments below. You can also share your experience of dismantling the indoor unit or the entire split system as a whole, as well as give some useful recommendations. They will be useful for many readers of our site. We wish you good luck!

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