How to clean the air conditioner drainage with your own hands

How to move the air conditioner to another place?

Moving to a new apartment? Or maybe you want to change the location of the air conditioner? Many companies offer services for the transfer of split systems. This is quite possible if we take into account a number of features.

In this article, we will tell you in detail how to move the air conditioner to another place, what nuances should be taken into account and whether it is worth doing this work yourself, without resorting to the help of professional craftsmen.

General information

Self-dismantling of the split system

The process of transferring the air conditioner consists of two stages:

  1. Dismantling (with the preservation of the refrigerant). The outdoor and indoor units are removed, the freon track is dismantled;

  2. Installation in a new location (with an extension of the route, if necessary).

There are only two stages, but a lot of intermediate work needs to be done during the transfer process. First, the device must be dismantled, while preserving the freon. If this is not done, the air conditioner can be safely sent for scrap.

In a new place, you need to prepare a place for air conditioning. Determine the optimal installation location, make shtroblenie and drilling of walls. If it turns out that the old freon track is not long enough, you need to lengthen the track by soldering additional tubes.

The entire transfer process takes a lot of time. But professional craftsmen can manage it in a matter of hours. But you should understand that in this situation, the main thing is the quality of work, not speed. At each stage, it is necessary to take into account many nuances so that the air conditioner works properly in the new place.

Nuances of transferring an air conditioner

installation of copper pipes кондиционера

Even a novice master can cope with the dismantling of blocks and tracks. But to do this with the preservation of freon is not so easy.

One more important nuance is the extension of the freon main. The main line consists of copper tubes through which a refrigerating agent (freon) circulates. During the initial installation of the air conditioner, measurements are carried out, the master calculates the optimal length of the tubes. In a new place, it may turn out that the length of the pipes is not enough. In this case, it is necessary to «lengthen» them by soldering additional pipes to the ends.

But it often happens that the old track is simply left in the wall, without even using it in a new place. The transfer of old communications is an unnecessarily troublesome matter. Yes, it allows you to save a little money (and not always), but it takes a lot of time and effort. After all, the route is laid directly on it, it bends in the wall. And these bends often have to be leveled, because the shape of the strobe in a new place is still different.

In short, we recommend dismantling only the outdoor and indoor units, while preserving the freon, and then connecting the units with new communications. Saving the old highway and trying to use it in another apartment is in many ways a meaningless activity.

And before carrying out the work, it is better to contact the service center and ask a specialist to diagnose your equipment. If the air conditioner is many years old, it is important to check its performance. If the device does not have long to live, then there is no point in transferring it. It is better to add money and buy a new device.

Cost of work

transfer кондиционера

The price of transferring an air conditioner differs depending on the region, but the average cost is 200-300 dollars. The money is quite a lot, especially if you take into account the age of the air conditioner. It is for this reason that we recommend performing a full system diagnosis before transferring. If the air conditioner is running on its last legs, it is better to dispose of it and buy a new device.

Many home craftsmen, seeing the cost of the transfer, begin to think about the independent performance of work. On the Internet, you can find a lot of instructions for self-repair.

But we are convinced that such a decision should be made only in two cases:

  • You live in a very small city and can’t find specialists who are ready to carry out the transfer of an air conditioner;

  • You have absolutely no financial opportunity to entrust this work to professionals.

However, we still do not recommend transferring the air conditioner yourself. If you try to save freon, you may make fatal mistakes and your air conditioner will no longer start. Neither in the new place, nor in the old one.


Well, if you just want to save money, you should not do the transfer yourself. Believe me, no savings are worth a failed air conditioner. Afterwards, you will still have to call the wizard to correct your mistakes. If it is, of course, possible.

Also, you should not trust the transfer to incomprehensible masters without qualifications, experience and good reviews. Even if they are willing to do the work for a nominal fee. Such installers can rarely boast of having the necessary skills and often perform the work at random.

It is better to contact a large service center that values its reputation and can give a guarantee for high-quality work. Yes, such services are not cheap, but it is better to pay a professional once than to give twice as much money later in an attempt to correct one’s own or someone else’s poor-quality work.


Is it possible to move the air conditioner to another room? And to another apartment? Of course! But you need to take into account a number of important nuances. We have told about them in this article.

Many service centers provide services for the transfer of air conditioners. Contact them. Professionals will be able to quickly and accurately outweigh the air conditioner, while preserving freon. Independent transfer often leads to negative consequences, for which you have to pay. Therefore, we do not recommend doing this work with your own hands. Entrust it to an experienced master.

The cost of transferring is hardly small. For this money, you can buy a new, albeit very budget, air conditioner. Therefore, before transferring, perform a full diagnosis of the split system. If the air conditioner is many years old and it works with the last of its strength, it may be more expedient to dispose of it and install a new device in a new place.

Any other questions? You can ask them in the comments below. If you have previously encountered the transfer of an air conditioner, tell us about your experience in the comments below. It will be useful for many readers. Also read other articles on our website. Here you will find a lot of useful materials about the installation and operation of various air conditioning systems. We wish you good luck!

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