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How to make wall chase for the air conditioner. Features

Beginners and users of air conditioning systems are asked a lot of questions. They are connected with the installation, maintenance, and operation of the air conditioner. On our website, we often answer common questions so that you can easily and quickly cope with the installation and adjustment of climate equipment.

Wall chasing for the air conditioner is a topic that worries many. There are a lot of rumors and speculation surrounding this issue. Some of them are quite true, and some only prevent you from doing the work quickly and efficiently.

In this article, we will answer the most popular questions that users of split systems and novice masters ask us.

Answers to questions

What is wall chase?

what is a stroba

When installing an air conditioner, it is necessary to lay the so-called communications. They consist of copper pipes, a drainage hose and wires. Often communications are simply called a highway. The route is hidden in the so-called wall chase — a recess in the wall, which is plastered after the installation of communications.

Why is wall chasing an additional service?

Because is not necessary in all cases. The standard package of services for the installation of air conditioners includes only drilling a technological hole in the wall. But wall chasing is always an additional service.

Is it necessary?

Answer yourself a simple question: are you going to hang the air conditioner at the stage of rough repairs or in a room with a completed finishing repair?

If you plan to install an air conditioner in an apartment with a rough finish, wall chasing is mandatory. Why? We will talk about this below.

If you plan to install a split system already during the final repair, when the floor covering is laid and the walls are covered with wallpaper, strobing is contraindicated. In this case, communications are laid directly on the wall, without a puncher and brute force. From above, the track is closed with a decorative plastic box.

plastic box for the track кондиционера

From an aesthetic point of view, a plastic box is not the most beautiful solution. But if the repair has already been done, there is no other choice. However, if you are thinking about installing a split system, and at the same time you want to update the appearance of the room, you can sacrifice a lot of money, remove the wallpaper, lay the floors and make wall chasing with the subsequent installation of an air conditioner and plastering.

Is it possible to do wall chasing at the stage of rough repair?

air conditioning track

It is necessary! Performing a wall chasing under the air conditioner is a dusty job. If you design the installation of a split system at the stage of rough repair, you can avoid problems with installation. Of course, communications can be hidden in an external decorative box, but, you must agree, plastic boxes have little to do with aesthetics and modern interior design. Therefore, we recommend installing the air conditioner at the stage of black repair, in order to subsequently hide all communications in the wall.

Does wall chasing harms the walls?

No, you have nothing to worry about. The wall chase for the air conditioner is small in size, on average 5×5 centimeters. In some cases, the size reaches 10×10 centimeters, but this is rare. Yes, strobing is prohibited in the load-bearing wall, but it can be done very carefully by choosing a small depth and a large width of the strobe.

How to perform wall chasing?

Professionals use two main methods:

  1. Wall chasing using a grinder and a preforator. In this case, the wall is cut through with a grinder to a given depth, and the central part is knocked out with a puncher. The method is dusty, but effective. It is used most often;

  2. Wall chasing using a special tool. It has a built-in vacuum cleaner, so there is significantly less dust in this case, but this method is used less often than the first one. It takes more time and effort.

Which way is better? Most craftsmen choose the first method, because it is faster, cheaper and the work can be done more accurately thanks to the grinder. When working with a special tool, you need significantly more physical effort, since the vibration from it prevents you from making accurate and accurate strobes for the air conditioner. In addition, this tool is many times more expensive than a conventional grinder, and the result can not be called good.

It turns out that a specialized tool, although it creates less dust, but at the same time the work is performed slowly, and the rent is many times more expensive. And the Bulgarian is in the hands of every master, it does not need to be rented and increase the cost of work for the final customer.

What does a wall chase look like?

what the stroba looks like

The standard depth of the wall chase and its width is 5×5 cm. There are other variations, for example, 10×10 cm or 3×7 cm. The dimensions are selected based on the parameters of the wall (load-bearing or not), as well as the route. Also, the strobe is made at an angle, since a drainage tube is laid into it. Excess condensate flows down the tube to the street, thanks to the slope, water can flow out naturally.

In most cases, the wall chase has a smooth, sinuous shape. At the same time, there are no sharp corners.

After crushing and laying of communications, the wall chases is plastered, sanded and proceed to finishing.

Strobling + repair in the apartment

air conditioner route

What does the whole process look like: from crushing to installing blocks and repairing? Briefly:

  1. Wall chasing is made, the route of the air conditioner is laid in the wall chase;

  2. The outdoor unit is connected;

  3. Wall chase is plastered;

  4. The finishing of the room is carried out (painting, wallpapering or applying decorative coatings;

  5. The indoor unit is connected! It is installed at the very end, after finishing work;

  6. The air conditioner is evacuated, tested and finally begins its operation.

Many users are interested in why the indoor unit is installed at the very end. There are several good reasons:

  • Finishing looks more aesthetically pleasing and is easier to perform when there is no indoor air conditioner unit on the wall;

  • During the repair, a huge amount of dust is formed, which can get inside the unit if it is installed indoors. Even the film that the owners of split systems wrap around the air conditioner will not help;

  • Expensive repairs due to construction dust. When you take the indoor unit to the service center, it is unlikely to be taken under warranty. The block will be opened and construction dust will be found there, and such incidents are not considered warranty. We will have to pay a round sum for cleaning and adjusting the performance of the device.

Is it possible to make wall chasing with your own hands?

If you are a home craftsman and have no experience in carrying out such work, then rather no than yes. Theoretically, of course, it is possible, but in practice it turns out that this is hard and dusty work. This work still requires skills and accumulated experience.

We recommend that you entrust such work to experienced craftsmen who value their reputation. Of course, you will have to spend some money on the implementation of shtrobleniya, but you will save a lot of money and time. And, besides, do not make serious mistakes that will inevitably appear after the hands of an inexperienced craftsman.

What is the cost of wall chasing?

The price of the work depends on the specific master or service center. Usually, the calculation is made for one meter of crushing and laying the route.


Wall chasing for air conditioning — dusty and time-consuming work. You will have to spend a lot of time and effort to learn this difficult task. Therefore, we recommend that you entrust this work to professionals. Pay money to the masters and save your own strength.

We hope that our recommendations were useful for you. Any other questions? Write them in the comments below. You can also share your tips and experiences. This will be useful for many readers of our site. We wish you good luck!

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