How to make an air conditioner

How to make an air conditioner with your own hands?

If you are fond of assembling simple household appliances, then you probably thought about how to make homemade air conditioners for cooling the air in an apartment, in the country or in the garage. We are convinced that home air conditioners with their own hands for the house can be assembled by anyone who is tired of the fan.

In this article, we make air conditioners from an old refrigerator. You can read our article and also try to build this simple device.

General information

air conditioning with your own hands

Why even assemble air conditioners with your own hands at home, if you can go to the store and buy a full-fledged device? Here are just a few reasons why assembling a homemade air conditioner is profitable:

  1. It’s cheap! Such a cooler will cost many times cheaper than a store-bought device. At the same time, you do not have to bother with its installation and regular maintenance. This is especially true in the country or in the garage;

  2. It’s faster than buying! Yes, assembling a homemade air conditioner will really take less time than buying a new air conditioner. When buying, you should come to the store or find a reliable online seller, understand the huge variety models, issue a warranty and much more. The installation of a homemade air conditioner will take no more than an hour or two;

  3. It’s convenient! You don’t have to think about replacing filters, cleaning, calling the freon injection wizards, and much more. All these procedures require additional payment and resources. The homemade device is devoid of these disadvantages;

  4. It’s exciting! Assembling any household appliance can be extremely difficult for you. an interesting activity. Agree, it is doubly pleasant to use a device that you put it together with your own hands.

  5. It is maintainable! If your purchased air conditioner breaks down and it will not warranty, then get ready for a serious repair. A homemade device does not need expensive troubleshooting, it can be repaired literally on the knee.

Well, can’t wait to learn how to make air conditioners at home? Let’s get to work!

Air conditioner assembly instructions

What you will need

  • Refrigerator

Exactly! We will build an air conditioner based on the refrigerator. It is important that the refrigerator is working. You can ask your friends if they have an unnecessary old refrigerator that they could give you, or just buy the unit on the site with used goods.

  • Electric jigsaw

You don’t have to have a professional model. A household electric jigsaw will be enough. Do not forget to buy a metal file for it.

  • Sewer pipe (corrugated)

The recommended diameter is up to 15-20 cm. But keep in mind: the larger the diameter of the pipe, the larger you can direct the air flow into the room. If you need a quick cooling effect, use larger diameter pipes.

  • Mounting foam

If possible, buy a good expensive foam from a well-known manufacturer. It is important that it is of high quality and durable.

  • Fan

Buy two medium-sized fans. It is important that one of the fans can fit freely in the refrigerator.

Assembling the device

Let’s move on to the most interesting part. The first thing to do is to remove the rubber seals from the cold room. Next, you need to make a hole in the refrigerator door of the same diameter as the corrugated pipe you bought. The hole is cut with a jigsaw.

air conditioning from an old refrigerator
You can make an air conditioner out of an old refrigerator

 Attach the pipe to the hole with mounting foam. Do not spare the foam, it is important to ensure maximum tightness. It remains to install the fans. If you understand the electronics, you can connect them to a single network with a common switch, which you can place outside the refrigerator.

One fan is placed inside the refrigerator, and the other is directed to the refrigerator compressor. The refrigerator itself is placed in the room that will be cooled. Alternatively, you can use a long pipe and take it to another room.

Well, the air conditioner from the refrigerator is ready with your own hands! You can use it immediately after the build to see how effectively it works.


Now you know how to make air conditioners with your own hands from improvised means, spending not so much time. If you have the skills, you can assemble the same mini air conditioner with your own hands to use it even in the smallest room.

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