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How to install two air conditioners on one external unit?

Two rooms need to be cooled, but there is only room for one outdoor unit on the facade? This is not a problem, because there are modern multi-split systems for 2 rooms on sale. Expensive models of multi-split air conditioning can cool up to eight rooms at the same time, which means that you can connect several external units to one outdoor unit at once.

In this article, we will tell you in detail what a multi-split system is, what it is the principle of operation of a double split system, what are its advantages and disadvantages, how to choose the optimal air conditioner and what to consider when installing it.

Why do I need a multi-split system?

If you live in an apartment building or rent a room in a multi-storey building, and you want to install several air conditioners at once, there is only one optimal solution on the market — a multi-split system.

The multi-split system allows you to connect multiple indoor units to one outdoor unit without installing unnecessary systems. Simply put, you will be able to install two air conditioners per unit, which we usually see from the street on the facade of the building.

outdoor split system unit

Modern split systems for 2 rooms will save you from a number of possible problems. You will not have to repeatedly deform the load-bearing walls of the building, overload the electrical networks and try to find a place for several outdoor units. Yes, the cost of multi-split systems is far from desirable, but it is quite justified.

To one outdoor unit, you can connect not only two indoor units, but also 4, 6 or even 8. Of course, the cost of such systems is far from desirable, but these are technically complex and efficient units that are really worth the money.

If you want to install an air conditioner only in one room, it is better to choose a standard split system, when one external unit is paired with one internal unit. And you should also understand that even the most technically advanced multi-split air conditioner can not cope with working in different modes. You can’t heat one room and still heat another cool the room. However, the temperature can be adjusted.

How to choose an air conditioner

Budget air conditioners for your condo

When choosing a split system for two rooms, it is important to pay attention to several key characteristics. The first thing you should pay attention to is the power. It can be easily calculated based on the area of the room in which the air conditioner will be located. Use the table below to select the optimal power.

Pay attention to the availability of additional features. Budget models of multi-split systems can only cool the room. The devices of the average price category are equipped with cooling and heating function. And premium models can additionally purify the air, which has a positive effect on well-being. You will immediately feel this advantage if you live in a large city.

Also pay attention to the form factor and installation features. The indoor unit of a multi-split system can be floor-mounted, wall-mounted, ceiling-mounted, or hybrid. For an apartment, a standard wall-mounted version is perfect, and for an office with ceilings of the type «Armstrong» you can choose a ceiling cassette air conditioner.

But if you need to cool or heat very large areas (from 80 m2), we recommend choosing hybrid systems. For example, wall-to-floor or ceiling-to-floor. In this case, you will have two indoor units that are mounted in different planes of the room. Please note that inverter air conditioners are more expensive than conventional ones, but they work more efficiently and will last you for many years with timely maintenance.

Features of installation and operation

Even at the stage of rough finishing, project the presence of a multi-split system in your room. Decide where it will be located, what communications need to be laid and how to hide them when finishing.

Start the installation with the indoor units of the air conditioner. Then lay the pipelines, but do not attach them to the blocks. Then you can mount the outdoor unit. We recommend using a reinforced frame and strong anchors, since the outdoor unit of the multi-split air conditioner weighs more than that of a conventional split system. Now you can connect the pipes to all blocks.

If everything is done correctly, you can perform electrical work and make the first start. The parameters of the air conditioner should be within the normal range.

outdoor air conditioner unit

Please note that using multiple air conditioners at once is more cost-effective than using only one air conditioner. If you turn on the unit only in one room, the outdoor unit will work with the same force as if you were using it. use all air conditioners at the same time. Therefore, do not try to rely on only one device if you want to save on electricity.

You should also understand that all air conditioners can not work in different modes at the same time. You can’t turn on the cooling in one room and the heating in the other. The multi-split system simply won’t start. But you can easily adjust the temperature on each individual air conditioner.

For domestic use, service the air conditioner once a year. With more frequent when used (in the office, shop, gym, etc.), perform maintenance 2 times a year. Do not allow the appearance of mold. The better and more regular maintenance, the longer your air conditioner will last.


Installing several standard split systems at once is impractical when you can purchase one multi-split system and use it to cool up to eight separate rooms. One unit for two full-fledged air conditioners is a very real scenario.

Modern manufacturers offer a large selection of multi-split systems, thanks to which can install two air conditioners on a single outdoor unit. When choosing such a system, pay attention to the power and form factor. If you want to save money, you can buy a multi-split system with two internal units without additional functions, only cooling and nothing more.

Have you ever used one outdoor unit for 2 indoor units? What difficulties have you encountered during installation or operation? Share your experience in the comments. Tell us what you like about modern multi-split systems. Good luck!

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