Installing the route for the air conditioner

How to install air conditioning on the balcony and is it worth it?

Previously, when buying an air conditioner, there was only one problem: money. Split systems were expensive, so they were installed only by wealthy people. However, with the development of technological progress, the cost of air conditioners has gradually decreased to an acceptable one, and now every average family can afford to buy a split system.

But now there are problems of a different nature. Many owners of split systems ask a simple, at first glance, question: is it possible to put an air conditioner in a room with a balcony? The situation is aggravated if the loggia is glazed… What do not invent home craftsmen: install air conditioning on the floor, put air conditioning inside the balcony and not only.

In this article, we will tell you in detail how to install air conditioning on the balcony and, most importantly, whether it is worth it.

General information

In this article, we will talk mainly about split systems. This is the most common and modern type of air conditioner. It consists of two blocks: external and internal. The inner one is installed on the wall in the room, and the outer one, as a rule, on the facade. At least, this is the correct installation option.

How can I move the air conditioner to another place?

But, in addition to split systems, there are also window air conditioners and mobile air conditioners on the market. Window frames are installed directly into the window opening. They are not often found in modern apartments, since the installation of a standard «window sill» requires certain modifications of the window, which is not always practical.

Mobile air conditioners are the second most popular after split systems. They are compact and easy to use, equipped with wheels for movement. However, the range of movement directly depends on the length of the air duct. It, in turn, is connected to the air conditioner and is output to the window through a special plug.

how the mobile air conditioner works

This is the most convenient and logical option if the room has a balcony and you need to install air conditioning. In this case, the air duct is simply taken out to the street, and the air conditioner itself is installed in the room. But, in this case, you have to keep the balcony door open. In the summer, this is not so important, but in the off-season it can bring inconvenience.

Let’s go back to split systems. We said above that the outdoor unit of «split» is mounted on the facade of the building. But is it possible to install air conditioning on the balcony? In general, yes. But there are situations when there is no other way out.

When the situation is hopeless…

As you now know, the indoor unit is installed on the wall in the room, but the external air conditioner unit is installed on the facade. However, there are situations when such an installation is simply impossible. For example, this is prohibited by law (this situation often occurs if the building has historical and cultural value).

In this case, only installation on the balcony remains. If it is open, then there are no special problems here. It is only important to securely fix the unit on a horizontal bracket. Difficulties arise if you plan to install an air conditioner on a balcony with glazing. It can be mounted either on the balcony itself or on the outside of the balcony. The second option is preferable.

However, some owners prefer to install air conditioners on the loggia. This method has its pros and cons, let’s look at them in more detail.

Advantages and disadvantages of such installation

air conditioning on the balcony

Before putting the air conditioner on a glazed balcony, pay attention to some nuances.

If you place the air conditioner directly on the glazed balcony, you do not have to attach the unit to the balcony fence. Such work is fraught with danger to life and health, so novice craftsmen often reinsure themselves and put an outdoor unit on the balcony.

However, it is important to understand that the presence of an air conditioner unit on a glazed balcony entails several significant drawbacks:

  • the useful area of the balcony is reduced;

  • the noise from the operation of the air conditioner will inevitably penetrate into the living room;

  • windows on the balcony can not be kept closed. Otherwise, the air conditioner will overheat and quickly fail.

We believe that the installation of a split system on a glazed balcony is unacceptable. There are too many compromises. It is better to call professionals once so that they mount the outdoor unit in compliance with the operating rules, and forget about this problem.

Installation on an open balcony has fewer disadvantages, but we would not load the balcony with additional weight. Especially if it is an old house without major repairs. But, if you have firmly decided to put the air conditioner on the balcony (glazed or not), study the article to the end.

Installing an outdoor unit on the balcony will require you to comply with certain rules. Next, we will tell you how to install an air conditioner on a glazed balcony. Recall that the installation of a split system on a glazed balcony can hardly be called correct. But, if you decide to choose this method, study the information below.

Self-installation on the balcony

installation of a split system on the balcony

For a high-quality installation of an air conditioner in a room with a balcony, it is necessary to prepare in advance. Recall that such work should be performed by a professional master. If you do not have enough experience and skills, you should entrust this work to specialists from the service center.

Yes, their services are not cheap. But, believe me, correcting the consequences of poor-quality installation often costs more. It is more logical to immediately pay the masters with experience, professional tools and knowledge, than to first suffer with an independent installation, and then spend time and extra money on calling the same masters to correct your mistakes.

Also, you should not trust the installation to friends or masters whose experience you do not trust. We do not recommend using the services of dubious installers who are ready to perform such complex work for mere pennies. Choose masters from the average price category with good reviews, a contract and a guarantee for the work performed.

And now let’s go directly to the installation. We have divided this process into several key stages. Let’s look at them in more detail.

Preparatory stage

copper pipes for air conditioning

It is necessary to acquire professional tools. You will need:

  • razvaltsovschik;

  • pipe cutter and pipe bending machine;

  • pressure gauge;

  • pump;

  • consumables (cables, pipes, thermal insulation, bracket);

  • keys, nuts and bolts;

  • clamps and screws;

  • a screwdriver, a door, a puncher.

A marking is made on the wall, where the strobe will be located, what are its dimensions, where the indoor unit will be located. This takes into account the estimated location of the curtains, the size of the ceiling skirting board, and so on.

The marking is applied with a regular permanent marker. When marking the location of the indoor unit, we recommend using the building level. Subsequently, a mounting plate will be installed in this place, and an indoor unit will be installed on it. It is important that in the end it is mounted strictly horizontally, without distortions.

Installation of the outdoor unit

Vibration of the external and internal air conditioner unit
Air conditioner on the wall of boards.

Installing an outdoor unit is time-consuming and hard work. The weight of the block is so great that it is almost impossible to lift it alone. You can’t do without a partner.

First of all, you need to choose a place. On a glazed balcony, you can put the unit on the floor using a horizontal bracket, or hang it on the side wall using a standard vertical bracket. The second option is more complicated, but more correct. This way freon will circulate better through the system.

The bracket is mounted on the designated place, then the outdoor air conditioner unit on the balcony is placed on it. The block is connected to the bracket with bolts, it is necessarily tedious to put vibration dampers between them. In the future, this will help to avoid hum and extraneous noise.

Installation of the route

air conditioner route

The route consists of copper pipes, a drainage pipe and electrical cables that are laid in a straw. The route is also often called communications. Communications are needed to connect the outdoor and indoor units into a single system.

In short: with the help of a puncher, a recess is made in the wall according to the marking; pipes, wiring and a corrugated drainage tube are cut into it with a reserve; communications are output into a hole in the wall and connected to the outdoor unit; a separate power supply line is started from the communications, it goes directly into the shield.

Also, communications can be laid not in the strobe, but directly along the wall. Then they need to be closed with a decorative plastic box. This method is rarely used, because it is difficult to call it beautiful and modern. But, if the repair is already completed, then there is simply no other option.

Installation of the indoor unit

installation of copper pipes кондиционера

According to the mind, the indoor unit needs to be installed ONLY after finishing work, i.e. wallpapering or painting the walls. A mounting plate is installed on the designated place, an indoor unit is hung on it. Communications are connected to it. This stage is not difficult, two people can cope with it.

Vacuuming, refueling and testing


Before turning on the air conditioner for the first time, it is necessary to remove the remaining air from the route. This can be done by vacuuming. The stage is mandatory, it can not be ignored! If the system is sealed, it needs to be refueled.

After refueling, the first activation and testing of the air conditioner is performed. This stage takes at least an hour, since the modes are not switched instantly. It is necessary to wait 5-15 minutes until the air conditioner completely switches from cooling to heating or to other operating modes.

If the device works properly, does not emit extraneous noise and, in general, works stably, then we can assume that the installation of the air conditioner on the balcony has been successfully completed.


Air conditioning inside the balcony: a joke or reality? For many, this is the only opportunity to install a split system and fully use it. Someone puts an air conditioner on the floor, someone hangs it on the side wall. In any case, when the air conditioner is installed on a glazed balcony — it is always a compromise. With an open balcony, there is less hassle.

In our opinion, the best option is to install an external air conditioner unit through the loggia, and not on it. But this is only possible for experienced craftsmen, home craftsmen rarely resort to this method because of its potential danger to life and health.

We recommend installing the air conditioner in the traditional way-on the facade. Or, in extreme cases, on the balcony railing. All other options are difficult to call successful, they are controversial and do not always add comfort during operation.

Any other questions? Ask them in the comments below. You can also share your experience of installing and operating an air conditioner. We wish you good luck!

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