How to cool a room without air conditioning

How to cool a room without air conditioning

Summer is a long-awaited time of the year for many, which has only one drawback. Yes, we’re talking about the heat. For most people, high temperatures are uncomfortable, especially at home or at work, where we spend most of our time.

Therefore, you should take care in advance of proper air cooling in the apartment. For this purpose, the air conditioner does an excellent job, but not every one of us has the opportunity to purchase and install such a device at home.

In this article, we will tell you in detail how to cool an apartment without air conditioning and what to consider, so that the long-awaited coolness remains in the room for a long time.

Recommendations for cooling air

Prepare the room

The room heats up quickly if you open the windows wide on a hot summer day. However, you can’t do without airing, so try to open the window only at certain times of the day. Ventilate the room early in the morning until 9: 00 and late in the evening after 21: 00.


At night, you can not close the windows at all. But during the day and during the day it is better once again, do not open the windows, so as not to run warm air into the room.

Buy reflective film for windows

You’ve probably seen reflective film in stores. It is similar to foil, but more durable, and is designed for gluing on windows. We personally tested such a film at home and can say that it copes with its task very well.

Thanks to the mirror surface, the film reflects the sun’s rays, while some of them still penetrate into the room. The effect is as if you are resting in the shade of the trees. Very a good and budget option, if there is no air conditioning.

пленка на окна

The film is sold in rolls. It is convenient to cut and glue it. By the way, it is glued to the water, which means that in the fall the film can be easily removed without traces of tape. And from the street, this film will protect you from the annoying glances of passers-by, because it works as a mirror.

Use foil

If you can’t find a reflective film, you can try to stick it on the windows plain food foil. This is one of the cheapest ways to protect yourself from the heat. For example, baking foil does an excellent job of reflecting the sun’s rays, and it can be found in every second grocery store.

However, it will have to be glued to the tape, which leaves traces on the glass. And your room will look like a dungeon, because the foil does not let in light at all.

Use blinds or curtains

There are dozens of different types of blinds and curtains on the market. There are options designed specifically for protection from the sun, which at the same time pass light and close the windows from unnecessary views. And the well-known tulle diffuses sunlight well.

жалюзи на окна

Blinds are the most popular option. They can be plastic, wooden, or metal. Manufacturers offer a variety of colors and even textures. Not to mention roll-up or Roman curtains, which can be made of a special material that does not let in the sun’s rays.

Regular curtains are also suitable, especially «blackout». But in this case, the room will darken, and you will you will achieve the same effect as when using foil. Choose dense fabrics that at the same time allow at least a little sunlight to pass through. Give preference to light colors, as dark fabrics heat up faster.

Humidify the air

It is enough to purchase a portable humidifier to significantly cool the air in the room. You can also humidify the air and your skin with a hand-held spray gun filled with cool water. But keep in mind that if you live in the subtropics, then excessive humidification of the room can worsen your well-being.

Buy a fan

Surely each of us knows how to cool a room without air conditioning with a fan. But, in fairness, this simple and inexpensive device does not so much cool the room as it moves the air flow. It helps, but not for long. To effectively cool the room, place bottles of frozen water next to the fan.

вентилятор для дома

And finally…

If none of the above has helped to cool the air without air conditioning, check out another method that was used by our great-grandmothers. Soak the sheets in cold water and place them briefly in the freezer. A few minutes are enough for the fabric to cool down. Take out the sheets and carefully hang them around the room. If desired, you can direct a stream of air from the fan to the cool fabric.


Now you know how to cool a room without air conditioning in the heat. Cooling the house without air conditioning is quite possible, but you should take into account that the result will not be as effective and impressive as if you still used split systems. Therefore, we recommend that you look closely at buying an air conditioner, and the articles on our website will help you choose the best device for your home or office.

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