How to connect and configure remote control of the air conditioner

How to connect and configure remote control of the air conditioner?

The remote control for the air conditioner is supplied with the split system when purchased, but after several years of use, it may become unusable or even get lost. In this situation, the only solution is to buy a universal remote control, with which you can adjust the operating mode of your air conditioner.

After purchasing a universal item, you need to configure it. Setting up the remote control is not difficult! You can program the air conditioner yourself using our instructions. In this article, we will tell you in detail how to set up a universal remote control for air conditioners and what nuances you need to take into account.

General information

Universal air conditioning consoles can not control any device immediately «out of the box». They need to be programmed. There are two main methods of how this can be done. Let’s talk more about how to set up the remote control automatically and manually.

Automatic configuration

Setting up the universal remote control for your split system can be automatic or manual. Automatic configuration is easier and in some cases faster. In addition, you may need it if you do not know what kind of air conditioner you have. So let’s start with this method.

Take the remote control in your hands, point it at the air conditioner and press the «Select» button. Hold it for 5-10 seconds. Auto-search for the appropriate code will start. On the screen of the remote control, you will see a combination of numbers, replacing each other. As soon as the code is selected, the air conditioner will make a distinctive sound and turn on.

If the code is not matched, run the automatic selection again. Or use the manual method. Next, we will tell you how to configure the remote control in this way.

Manual configuration

Setting up a universal remote using the manual method is an excellent choice if you have purchased a new universal remote that has a table with various numeric combinations on the package. These are codes specially selected for various air conditioners.

codes for the universal remote control

Packaging of the universal remote control with codes

Find the manufacturer of your air conditioner and the selected code in the table. Press the «Select» button on the remote control. Then enter the code from the table and press » OK «or»Enter». In most cases, this is enough.

If the code does not fit, try entering other codes from the table. You can also call the wizard and it will set up the purchased universal remote control in a few minutes.


Now you know how to program universal remote controls for any of the split systems. This is not difficult, use our short instructions. Also on the package from the remote control, all the necessary information on setting up is indicated. In the comments below, you can share your tips on how to connect a universal remote control to a modern air conditioner. Good luck!

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