How to clean the air conditioner drainage with your own hands

How to clean the air conditioner drainage with your own hands?

If the drain is clogged in the air conditioner, it is not necessary to wait for the master to arrive. You can perform a self-cleaning of the drainage system and save a decent amount. In this article, we will tell you in detail how to clean the drainage of air conditioners yourself and what nuances should be taken into account so as not to harm the split system.

General information

Air conditioning is a complex system consisting of many components. Each of them needs regular maintenance and timely cleaning. Drainage was no exception. In it, as in the fan or on the radiator, dust, dirt, insects can collect. In such conditions, mold often begins to form, and with an overflowing drainage tray, water flows out and spoils the wallpaper.

For this reason, it is necessary to clean the drainage regularly. By drainage, we mean one or more pipes through which condensate is discharged, and directly a drainage tray in which excess moisture accumulates. Both must be cleaned.

How often should the drainage system be cleaned?

We recommend cleaning the drainage system before and after the summer season. If you have the opportunity and desire, clean the drainage every month. So you are guaranteed not to encounter sudden leaks and damaged repairs.

air conditioner cleaning

However, if your air conditioner is installed incorrectly, no amount of cleaning will help. If the split system starts to leak, call the wizard and find out the true cause of the problem. If it is a matter of drainage, then in the future you will be able to perform cleaning with your own hands. And if the cause of the leak was the wrong installation, then there is not enough of their own strength, you need the help of a specialist.

Next, we will tell you how to clean the drainage of air conditioners at home.

Cleaning instructions

Follow the simple instructions to clean the drain quickly and correctly:

  1. Unplug the air conditioner from the wall outlet;

  2. Remove the decorative cover from the indoor unit mounted on the wall in the room. The cover is attached either on clips, or on screws, or on both at the same time;

  3. Locate the drain pan. It is usually installed at the bottom of the air conditioner and is a long plastic trough in which excess condensate accumulates. Remove the tray from the unit and pour out the water;

  4. Locate the drain hole. Often it is located on the right side at the level of the tray. Insert a long, dense object into the hole. For example, an unnecessary cable. Push it along the tube to remove the blockage;

  5. Use a special detergent to clean the tray from fungus and dirt, as well as to disinfect it.

That’s all, the drainage system is cleared. This is a purely home-based solution to the problem. Of course, the masters use special tools. But you can clean the drainage using improvised means. Try not to damage the drain pipe.

Please note

Now that you know how to clean the drain pipe of air conditioners, pay attention to a number of nuances. First of all, not only the drainage needs cleaning, but the entire air conditioner as a whole. Its body, as well as its internal components, are also polluted and need regular maintenance.

Do not be lazy and clean the internal components. Use an air conditioner cleaner and a soft cloth, as well as a small amount of water. Remove dust and dirt from the fan, radiator, and other components. Do not allow water to get on the control board. Wash the filters and dry them before putting them back in place.

air conditioner maintenance

This comprehensive cleaning will extend the service life of your air conditioner and protect it from the appearance of pathogens that love to live in a humid environment of the air conditioner.


If your split system has a clogged drainage pipe or a clogged drainage tray, then it’s time to conduct a comprehensive cleaning. We recommend cleaning the drainage system regularly, at least 1-2 times a year. But the best option is a monthly cleaning.

In this article, we have described in detail how to clean the drainage of air conditioners without the help of a specialist from the service department. We hope this material was useful for you. In the comments below, you can share your ways to clean the drainage of air conditioners at home.

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