How to choose an air conditioner for your home

How to choose an air conditioner for your home

Confused by the wide variety of air conditioners on the market? In this article, we will briefly explain how to choose air conditioners for homes and apartments. You will learn about the characteristic features of various types of air conditioners, and we will also give you some useful recommendations for choosing the optimal model, depending on your needs.

Answer to 3 simple questions

What kind of air conditioner do I want?

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All home air conditioners can be divided into 3 categories: split systems, multi-split systems and monoblocks. Let’s look at them in more detail.

Split system the most popular type of air conditioner in the 21st century. It consists of two blocks: external (mounted on the facade of the house) and internal (installed in the room). The indoor unit is often wall-mounted. Split systems are efficient and modern, but their installation should be planned at the stage of rough repairs, since it is supposed to be shtroblenie walls and other dusty work.

If you need air conditioning in a multi-room apartment, pay attention to multi-split systems. They are an advanced split system consisting of two or more blocks. A split system can be installed only in one room, and a multi — split system can be installed in several rooms at once.

Portable (monoblock) is one of the oldest types of household air conditioners. In the last century, it was widely used used. It is a compact device, in the case of which all the technical «stuffing»is hidden. It is installed on the floor (with the subsequent output of the air duct to the window) or directly into the window opening.

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What kind of air conditioner to buy? Judge for yourself. A split system for an average apartment or small house is the best option. A good device will cost 300-500$.

Multisplit will only be needed if you want to install air conditioning in several rooms at once. For this pleasure, you will have to pay from 1500$. Monoblocks are good with a modest budget or other restrictions (I do not want to spoil the repair or the management company does not allow you to install split systems on the facade).

What technical specifications are important?

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Before choosing a home air conditioner, find out the exact area of the rooms in which you want to use it. The air conditioner is selected according to the area of the room. Approximate calculation it looks like this: 1 kW = 10 sq. m. That is, to work in a room of 25 sq. m. you will need a device with a power of 2.5 kW. For more accurate calculations, contact the consultant in the air conditioner store.

Also pay attention to the noise level. It is better to choose a bedroom air conditioner for quiet models that emit noise at the level of 20 dB or less. The same rule applies to children’s rooms and workrooms. In the living room, kitchen, or hallway, the noise level is not critical.

What additional features are needed?

Which air conditioners are better to choose for a modern apartment or country house, if all the points are taken into account? It’s time to pay attention to the additional features and features.

First of all, we recommend choosing a device with the function of not only cooling, but also heating the air. If you suffer from allergies or care about the health of your children, then choose an air conditioner with built-in air purification and ionization.

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Also pay attention to the design of the device. The better the air conditioner looks, the more expensive it is. These are the laws of the market. Now natural materials, conciseness and smooth lines are in fashion. Therefore, devices with metal inserts and a glossy snow-white body will cost more.


How to choose the right air conditioners for home use? Just answer 3 simple questions! By answering in as much detail as possible, you will be able to determine exactly which air conditioner is best to buy to meet your needs. Good luck!

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