Portable Air Conditioner

How to choose a portable air conditioner

Mobile air conditioners can be an excellent solution in condo, in the country or in a small office. They are compact, inexpensive, quick and easy to install, and can save you not only from the heat, but also from the first cold autumn days.

In this article, we will briefly explain how to choose a mobile air conditioner, what nuances need to be taken into account. We will also present a small overview of popular devices for household use.

Selection criteria

Pay attention to the following criteria. They will help you make your choice mobile air conditioner not only from an aesthetic point of view, but also from a functional point of view.


Here everything is simple: the larger the room, the higher the power of the air conditioner. You can independently make approximate calculations of the required power at the rate of 1 kW per 10 square meters. I.e., if you plan to put the device in a room of 20 sq. m., then buy an air conditioner with a capacity of at least 2 kW.


Modern mobile air conditioners can not only cool, but also heat and clean the air. Of course, if these functions are provided in the selected air conditioner model.

We recommend that you think in advance about which features you really need, and which ones you should not overpay for. In our experience, it is better to buy an air conditioner with the functions of cooling and heating the air. This is the basic set. You can use this device not only on hot summer days, but also in the off-season, when there is no heating yet, and the apartment is already cold.

air conditioning monoblock

Air heating is an extremely useful function. But you should take into account that in this mode, the device works like a normal electric heater. Do not use a mobile air conditioner as the main heating system. It is simply not designed for this and is unlikely to cope with serious sub-zero temperatures.

As for cleaning and humidifying the air — judge for yourself. In our experience, it is better to buy a humidifier separately. He will be better at his task. But the cleaning function can be very useful if you suffer from allergies, you live with your family pets or a busy street outside.

If you plan to put the device in the bedroom or office, pay attention to the noise level. Air conditioners with a noise level of no more than 20 dB are considered quiet, but it is not easy to find such models among mobile devices. Focus on the figure of 30-40 dB. But keep in mind that you can’t be in absolute silence when the device works.

Dimensions and design

Unlike a split system, a mobile air conditioner will not take the space on the wall. Often, the devices are placed directly on the floor or on a small elevation. It is for this reason it is worth deciding in advance where you will put the device and how much space it will take up. There are quite compact air conditioners on the market, which occupy no more than 0.5 sq. m.

outdoor кондиционеры

Also pay attention to the appearance of the device, if you do not want to spoil the interior of your apartment or office. The white streamlined body without sharp corners is the best choice. This air conditioner will fit into any interior.

Review of the top three models

Ballu BPAC-12 CE_17Y

ballu mobile air conditioner

Great budget air conditioner! Equipped with air cooling and ventilation functions, it can maintain a set temperature. Power-3.2 kW, can cool a room with an area of up to 30 sq. m. It is controlled by a remote control, consumes a little electricity, and produces noise at the level of 40-45 dB.

Buyers note that the device is quite compact and does not take up much space. It is easy to maintain, and the case is equipped with convenient wheels for moving. This a good outdoor unit, if you are not confused by the noise of the built-in compressor.

Electrolux EACM-08CL/N3

Electrolux EACM-11CL/N3

Compact mobile air conditioner with a lot of positive reviews. Power-2.4 kW, you can cool a room with an area of up to 20-22 sq. m.The functionality is the same as that of the air conditioner from the Ballu brand: there is not only cooling, but also air ventilation. It is also possible to maintain the set temperature.

Customers like the design and small size of the air conditioner. It fits perfectly into any modern interior. Among the disadvantages, we note the noise at the level of 45 dB. We do not recommend putting such a device in the bedroom, especially for people with sensitive sleep. The device is equipped with a night mode of operation, but it does not completely eliminate noise.

Zanussi ZACM-09 MS/N1

mobile air conditioner Zanussi

The third device in our review has similar characteristics and features. His The power is 2.6 kW, which is enough to cool a room with an area of up to 25 sq. m. The functions are the same as those of the competitors: cooling, ventilation, night mode, maintaining the set temperature, remote control.

The device is energy-efficient, your electricity bills will increase slightly. Among the disadvantages, we note the same noisy work. Night mode does not save you from vibrations and rattling of the case. But this is not expected from mobile air conditioners. If quiet operation is extremely important for you, it is better to look at split systems.

Installation features

In advertising photos, mobile air conditioners just stand on the floor, and many customers think that it is enough to buy the device, put it in any free corner and turn on the magic button. But this is not the case.

Mobile air conditioners are equipped with a corrugated pipe, which must be attached to the body of the device, and the other end should be placed in a window or vent. Often, the pipe is taken out of the window.

installation of floor heating кондиционера

To do this, you need to make a special insert with a hole for the pipe. Insert it is mounted in a window opening, and a pipe is inserted into the hole. All seams must be sealed. Often the pipe is output directly to the window, but this is a gross mistake. At best, you will simply not feel cooling, and at worst, you will get large energy bills and will be dissatisfied with the purchase.

Also note that mobile outdoor air conditioners are able to cool the air by no more than 5-8 degrees. If the window is +30, the room will be +22-25. For most people, this is comfortable temperature. If you want to achieve lower temperatures, purchase a split system.

Mobile air conditioners for home use are not intended for use in rooms from 35-40 sq. m. and more. When using, keep an eye on the amount of condensation. Drain it in time, otherwise the device will not work properly.


Now you know how to choose a mobile air conditioner for household use. We talked about the main criteria that you need to consider before buying, as well as we presented a short rating of mobile air conditioners for apartments and houses. In the comments below, you can share your experience of buying and using an air conditioner, including a mobile one.

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