How much freon is in a household air conditioner

How much freon is in a household air conditioner?

Having the right amount of freon is extremely important for the air conditioner, as the efficiency of the entire system depends on it. In this article, we will try to answer the question of how much refrigerating agent is needed to refuel an air conditioner and how to determine its excess or lack.

General information

The air conditioner is refueled in the factory during production. By default, it is not equipped with the ability to refuel, because the circuit is sealed. However, if you have the skills, experience and tools to refuel or complete replacement freon is still possible.

But is it necessary? It all depends on the condition of your air conditioner. If it started to work slowly while increasing the cost of electricity, it is quite possible that it is a leak of freon. In this case, refueling will help.

how to refuel a window air conditioner

And freon can also evaporate due to poor-quality installation of the split system or improper assembly in production. In short, no matter how tight the circuit is, there are several reasons for leakage. And many people face this problem.

Signs of excess refrigerant

Let’s assume that freon was refueled in the split system. How to determine whether the amount of refrigerant that has been filled into the system is sufficient? Pay attention to indirect signs. Now we will talk about the signs of an excessive amount of freon, and then we will talk about its lack.

If there is an excessive amount of refrigerating agent, the split system may not work well, as if not at full capacity, and the pressure in the evaporator and in the condenser increases. All this loads the air conditioner, and the system does not work correctly.

Pouring too much freon is not as difficult as it seems at first glance. Inexperienced craftsmen often fill up too much refrigerant, believing that it is better to do it «in reserve». But this is a big mistake. For the entire system to work properly, it is necessary to fill the exact amount of freon, without an overabundance or shortage.

Signs of insufficient refrigerant

In some cases, the volume of the refrigerant may not be sufficient even after refueling. In this case, the outdoor and indoor unit may be iced or covered with frost, you will find traces of oil on the copper pipes, and the performance of the device will significantly decrease. The settings you set and the actual indicators will differ significantly.

refilling the window air conditioner

If you notice the first signs of frost on the body of the air conditioner, you must immediately call the master.

A few more words about the freon leak

Remember that only an experienced technician will be able to detect the true cause of the leak and refuel the air conditioner correctly. Some are convinced that the air conditioning system can be refueled on its own, but this is a misconception.

Without the skills and tools to properly perform such work is simply impossible. Trust a professional to keep your air conditioner safe and sound. In addition, many service providers provide a guarantee for their work.


Now you know how to determine the excess or insufficient amount of refrigerant in the air conditioner. Unfortunately, even a specialist will not be able to answer the question of exactly how much freon is needed for the correct operation of the air conditioning system. But there are a number of recommendations that you can follow in order not to make a mistake about how much refrigerant you will need in your case.

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