How is the refueling of window air conditioners carried out

How is the refueling of window air conditioners carried out?

In the last century, window air conditioners were the most common type among all air conditioning systems used in homes and apartments. They are compact, durable and inexpensive.

Over time, window machines began to become a thing of the past, as more advanced split systems appeared on the market. However, window-type air conditioners are still in use, and it’s too early to dump them in the dustbin of history.

Sometimes there is a need to fill the window air conditioners. When properly installed, the new unit does not need to be refueled, but old air conditioners are often refueled to increase their efficiency. In this article, we will tell you how professionals fill up window-type devices.

General information

All window air conditioners are filled with freon directly at the factory. In this case, the refrigerant is filled into the system from hermetically sealed pipes. So in fact, there is no possibility of refueling from the factory. However, our master craftsmen were able to find a way.

By default, the new air conditioner does not need to be refueled or refueled. But if the device has been in operation for more than 5-10 years and does not work as efficiently as before, then it is likely that there was a leak of freon. In this case, you should resort to the help of specialists who can fill the window air conditioners.

Causes of freon leaks

How to choose freon for the air conditioner

We have already mentioned a number of reasons why your air conditioner may need refueling. There are other reasons as well:

  • Untimely or poor-quality maintenance of the window air conditioner, when the problems were not identified or were not eliminated in time; The manufacturer allowed a defect in production and put on sale a device with a poorly filled circuit that passes gas during operation;

  • Due to strong vibrations during the operation of the device, the pipes were damaged, which caused a leak;

  • Improper transportation of the window air conditioner, which could cause depressurization and leakage of freon.

Next, we will tell you how to fill up window air conditioners.

Features of refueling the air conditioner with freon

Please note! Only a specialist with experience will be able to properly fill the window air conditioners. Do not try to repeat these steps at home.

First of all, the specialist tries to find the cause of the refrigerant leak. Then he drains the freon already in the system, biting into the copper tube with a specialized tool. Next, he solders the service port to the trigger branch. When soldering, the nipple is removed from the port valve, so that the seal does not deform.

Next, the master vacuums the circuit, and then refills the air conditioner with a fresh portion of the refrigerating agent. Refueling is carried out when the compressor is turned on. In the process, the master uses a pressure gauge and a thermometer to fill up exactly as much freon as is necessary according to the technical documentation that comes with the air conditioner.

refilling the window air conditioner

After refueling, the overall performance of the air conditioner is checked. The check takes 30-60 minutes. If everything is in order, the service port is closed and you can assume that the work is finished.

We did not specify some details of refueling, because home craftsmen can take advantage of this and try to refuel the device with their own hands. Entrust this work to a professional, otherwise you risk making a number of irreparable mistakes.


In any case, do not try to fill the window air conditioners with your own hands. This is a job for a professional craftsman with a lot of experience. This article is intended as a recommendation.

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