How does the remote control from the air conditioner work?

How does the remote control from the air conditioner work?

The remote control is one of the most important components of the entire air conditioning system, because thanks to it, the detailed configuration of the air conditioner is carried out. In this article, we will explain in detail how the remote control works and how to use the remote control from the air conditioner.

How the remote control works

The air conditioner remote control is a compact device that looks like a regular TV remote control, but with fewer buttons and a display. On the top of the remote control, you can see a small LED-this is the infrared port, which is used to communicate the remote control with the air conditioner.

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By the way, the split system is equipped with the same infrared port. The remote is powered by two batteries. By the way, air conditioners can be controlled via your smartphone.

The remote control of the air conditioner is a simple device, but it is important to manage it correctly. Next, we will tell you what the various buttons on the remote control of the air conditioner mean. Thanks to this, you will be able to configure your split system.

Learn more about buttons and their functions

To understand how to turn on the air conditioner, study the buttons on the remote control. With them, you can adjust the split system for yourself, not content with the automatic mode. From the remote control, you can not only turn on and off the air conditioner, but also configure other parameters in detail.

Basic designations

  • ON/OFF is responsible for turning the air conditioner on and off, respectively. It is often highlighted in red or dark gray;

  • Mode is responsible for selecting the operating mode (cold supply or heating);

  • Auto is responsible for automatically selecting the operating mode. With the built-in temperature sensor, the air conditioner will automatically determine what temperature to set;

  • Cool is responsible for enabling the cooling mode. It is often indicated as a snowflake icon;

  • Heat is responsible for heating the air. It is often indicated by the sun icon on the remote control;

  • Dry is responsible for dehumidifying the air. Often denoted as a drop. Extremely useful feature if you live in a region with high humidity;

  • Fan is responsible for the ventilation mode. If this button is not present on the remote control, try searching for the fan icon or pressing the Fan speed button.;

  • Pictograms «+»/»-» or «↑»/»↓» responsible for increasing/decreasing the temperature;

  • Swing is responsible for regulating the air flow.

Additional designations

  • Sleep is responsible for the sleep mode. It is often indicated by a crescent icon. In this mode, the device works much quieter, since the fan rotation speed is forcibly reduced;

  • Turbo is responsible for accelerated cooling or heating of the air. The mode can also be called «Jet» or «High power». Press this button if you want to cool down or warm up in a short time;

  • Timer is responsible for the deferred operation mode. You can program the machine to turn on/off automatically at certain hours. Often indicated by a clock icon or the word «Clock»;

  • Light is responsible for turning on/off the backlight. It can be indicated by a light bulb icon;

  • Temp can be responsible for either showing the current settings on the display, or for setting the temperature. Sometimes you need to press this button before you can adjust the temperature using the arrow or +/- buttons.

  • Set is responsible for saving your selected settings;

  • Lock is required to lock all other buttons on the remote control. This is useful if you have small children. To remove the lock, you need to press the button again;

  • Reset resets all preset settings to factory settings.


Now you know how to turn off or turn on the air conditioner, and what the various buttons on the remote control indicate. By the way, the device can be turned on and off using the secret button. In the comments below, you can share a detailed description of how to set up the air conditioner. Good luck!

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